Looking for unique baby boy names!

We have just recently found out we are pregnant with baby boy #2 & have been trying to think of unique names that start with the letter T that also flow nicely with his big brother’s name Truth. Just wondering if any parents out there have any ideas on some unique hardly heard of names as I’m stuck


I’m done having kids, but if my youngest was to be a boy her name would’ve been thelan, pronounced th-ee-lynn


Whatever you name your child please make sure their name flows well with the last name as well as the middle. But since I’m an S.E Hinton fan I love the name Tex


I like Taran. It was the boys name on the disney film black cauldron but my oh didnt want it so we went with cohen instead. I also have a kalen too xx

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I have two grandsons named Brody and Luca but I also like Gavin, Grayson, River, Phoenix.

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Me pronounced (S-day), French name. As a person with an unusual name who was picked on and having everyone other kids and adults mispronounce my name and having to forever correct them please think before giving them something unique


I think older names are less common now. Like I have a Kevin and he’s been the only one in every grade he’s been in.

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Doesn’t start with a T, but my grandson is 3 and has a boy in his class named knowledge.
How about truth and knowledge ?


Not a T but my sons name is Ryker…spelled differently (pronounced the same) from the Max security prison lol and the ironic part is his dad is a police officer and I’ve always worked in law enforcement as well! Haha…

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We had names chosen for my son and when he was born… we changed it to something else. He is Tanner


My sons name is Talan, he’s 14 now, still a pretty uncommon name, around us at least


Please remember, while what ever you decide may be original, the child will have to live their life with it. Kids are picked on for everything, including their names.


A teacher I taught with has 5 kids, all letter T names. The most unique is Timon-rhymes with Simon. He never was picked on in school or the military.
I taught a Tytus and his brother, Tayden.

My sons name is Tek. Sounds like tech. It’s very unique and not a lot of people have it. You are welcome to use it.

I like Tegan, Talon.

Allister/Alistair/ Alastair/Alister is my sons name means protector of mankind. We call him Alli, Al, Allister.

Eta, I have 2 Brothers named Axle, and Phoenix

My grandson is named Julian. Never heard it much before he was born, he’ll be 4 on the 27th, but I hear it a lot now. If they have any more they’re thinking Justice, and other “J” names. Lol

There’s a kiddo at our high-school named Trust! I think it fits perfect!


I know it doesn’t start with a T but Valor. Truth and Valor. Tristan is also nice.


I liked Taos for a boy but ended up with 3 girls. They all have unique names x

Why is everyone saying T names I found the name Azaria can be for both male and female means helped by god