Looking for unique baby girl names

Unique baby girl names? I have a Zoey-Jayne.


If i was having a girl this time then she would of been named Annahbelle Ivee

I met someone who had a little girl named Vylee. I think it’s very cute.


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My girls are Vivian Pearl and Everlee Ruth.
I like Sovereign, I would call her Rani for short.

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My daughters are Joya, Nova, and Jaden

Lucia Isabella pronounced Luchia. Italian.

My daughter is Fiona Loxley

Beverly Rain, Caitilynn pronounced (Ky TA Lynn) I think Evelyn is cute to.

Lyra , Luna , Lola , lexi are my favourite

Just name her unique lol

I have a Phyllis Addalyne :heart: named after her great grandma & great great grandma

I named my youngest daughter Azaylea

Lyra, Lyla, lola, lakelyn, stella, auggie, birdie, deliah

Sultana or Shayd (Shade) belladonna

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Gemini Rayne
Rain Lee
Amelia Marie
Ocean May
Valandra Ann

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Davani, aria, illiana, cambry, selah

I have a Lilliana Rose

Celeste …Jade. Paisley…Avery

Angelia Star ( pronounced Angel Leah)
Harper Jayne
Alba Jay
Raven Star
Hope Skylar
Serenity Raine
Ocean Sky
Harleigh Orion