Looking for unique baby names: Help?

Looking for unique baby boy names that would have a double e in it. We have 3 girls and choosing a girl name was so easy. I’ve searched about 10,000 names and nothing seems to fit. Help !!


Leef, Peeter, Steel,

When he is born and you look at him you will know the name

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Charlee, colbee colebee

I have 4 girls Neena nayviana Nyeema naliyah all letter N lol I loved nayvee to

Oops sorry I just seen it for a boy lol

There’s no many tbh… creek leef peeter :joy::joy::joy:am sure someone just made them up​:joy:


Eben not double ees but I’ve always liked that name

Mario, Mateo, Malte , Marcus, Lukas, etc .Im an M person.

Aubree, Kadeem, Freeman, Christeen, Creed, Reed

Why ask fakebook? Listen to your baby belly, talk with you hubby.

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Keelan devaeen cierleen

Boy Names Ending with -ee
Google this

I named my daughter Lorelei. Her dad chose her middle name which is Aluriel.



Leelan, Leeland, Keenan,Hakeem, De’Elijah

Coleen, Brylee, keegan,Lee