Looking for unqiue baby boy names

What unique boy names does everyone like!?


My boys are Gunner Airamis and Cypher Orion

My sons name is Maddox James and my unborn if it was a boy would have been Hunter Owen.

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I named my son Jessé

Malachi would have been my boy if I had one, but 2 girls! Love, love Malachi


I named my 2 month old Richard. It’s not that unique but you don’t hear it much anymore


I have Carter, Cooper & Reid x

I love the name Emre for a boy

Kobe is my favorite!

Any advice for middle names to follow Kobe?

My sons are named Idris Altair and Samir Al-Tariq

Greg Anthony Russell Skyler Briar

My son is called Drake

My sons name is Thaddeus!

My sons name is Mackinnon

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Carter! I also like Greyson!

Avick was a name I always liked

My sons name is Rush

I have a Declan, get lots of compliments on that one

My youngest son’s name is Lachlan Case (pronounced Lock-lan).