Looking for unusual boy baby boy names!

Suggestions on nice, unusual boys names, please.


It’s not common…and cute & different :heartbeat:


My little guys name is Corbin Ryker.

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My sons names …
Titus Lee
Knox Thomas
Cubb Chalmers

Kyran, Kieran, Camillus, Maximus, Mateo, Santino, Ruppert, Fernando, Teddy, I can think of tons lol

I just named mine Marik (Merrick)

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My 9 year old sons name is Aubrey. And my friends baby boy is August.

Sue per Johnny Cash

Valen, Rowan, Nohi (no-ee), Mossimo, Garrett

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I have a Kash Ryan and a Miles Alexander

My son’s are Wren Alexander P. And Miko Martin P.

Kyrone , Jaylon , Lincoln , Kydon

My boy is named Forrest
I also considered, Ridge, Beckett, Tytus, Grady

My oldest son is Nova. My youngest son is Elias

We named our son Rocky :slight_smile:

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I’ve always liked Colt , Axel ,Ryker, River ,

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Aelfraed ( Alfred/ alfie for short) original English version😊

I named my boys Zayne Mikel (Michael) and Kyler Joseph

My son is ace , I love it so original . His initials spell ace , his full name is Allen Charles Edward :slight_smile:

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Xavier, Zaine, Quinten, Cyrus.