Looking for unusual boy baby boy names!

Suggestions on nice, unusual boys names, please.


Our daughter had a favorite Christian song and named her Son Shalom. We thought she was nuts but it really fit him. Go with your feelings. It’s a personal choice. God bless your child.

I named my son Asher. I don’t know if you are religious, but I chose it because there was a strong character in the Bible named Asher. Google it, it’s a cool meaning and story behind it.

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Jaxon. Caydon. Ward. Alton. Peyton. Caudill. Gordon. Vernon. Marcus. Wallace. Unique is good. Bizarre is not. You dont want a name he will be embarrassed by, has to say it two or three times for people to understand it, has to constantly correct the pronunciation or spelling. My name is Valinda, i ve been called belinda glenda linda wanda valarie valida dalinda melinda. I always say Valinda with a V like valarie. People spell it valenda velinda velenda volinda i do get tired of correcting people an sometimes just dont.

Please consider that this little baby will grow up to be a man with a job and a family.
Unusual isn’t always good.


My grandsons names are Xander and Landon

My grandson is oakley Zander and my other grandson is micah Detroit then the other grandson is noah kingston

I like the name Niles. I don’t have a son, but if I did that is what I would have named him.

Try picking some names from literature. Find a favorite author and browse names.

My oldest son’s name is Justis. It is a French spelling I think.

My son is Landyn. Goes well with his sister’s name - Laikyn.

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My boys are James Cannon and Parker Creek. My nephews are Carter, Grayden, and Ledger.

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Most of these sound like names for dogs 25 yrs ago… I actually had a diesel Axel & Oscar over the yeaes. Times have changed. Best of luck picking a name to fit your baby boy.

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Anderson, Boston, Carwyn, Daniel, Elijah, Foster,Gamill,Hamden, Isaiah, Jackson, London, Liam, Marston, Natchez, Olin, Peder,Quinn, River, Silver,Tipton, Ukiah,Vermont,Winston,Xander,Younger, Zillow.

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Google. That’s how we found out kids my son is Caleb and daughter is braelyn. Didn’t want them to be in class with 15 kids that have the same name

I have some lol I have 5 boys first was jack, Latrell, Malik, Zavier, now Hudson but love zaviers middle name it’s Hendrix hope that helps hun


More traditional names are now unique…My son’s name is Richard and there are never any other kids with his name.

My youngest sons name is Lundy. It’s not super common.

I love Xander or Bryson.