Mhy water broke and I was sent home: Has this happened to anyone else?

Basically, I am 34+5 weeks pregnant. Early hours Tuesday morning, my waters broke. I was kept in the hospital overnight, on antibiotics. Has two steroids in injections for baby’s lungs if she does decide to make an appearance… Anyways I always believed they couldn’t let the baby stay inside you after 48hrs of waters going due to infections that may occur… Anyways they sent me home last night with antibiotics’ no follow up an appointment!! Nothing!! Just basically, mother instinct knows best and to go back if I am worried about the baby, but I am worried sick Has anyone else experienced this??? When I had a scan yesterday, I have 1.5cm of fluid left around the baby, but the lady who scanned me said I should have at least between 2 & 8cm? I am just so worried, and dunno who to listen to as every doctor I spoke to told me someone different


My water broke at 38 weeks and they delivered saying that they wanted him out within 24 hours.

I don’t know at how far along they will deliver after it breaks.


Call your ob and get an apt


I think u need to go to another hospital. You know ur body my girl.


I’d call and make an appointment with any OB that is available today.

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I would call another hospital

Get to ur ob asap bcuz my oldest almost suffocated bcuz my water broke and the hosp ignored me telling them just bcuz i was 18yrs old and didnt kno what i was talking about :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

id go in like every 3 hours after they release you they will get tired and just keep you lol thats what i would do 🤷

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Go to a dr that will help u deliver. I was told that slow leak or not once ur water breaks u stay in the hospital. Ur baby is going to risk suffocation. Go somewhere else


I’d call my ob office

Get seen asap. That’s not good in my opinion

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I have this happened to myself and my son by the time I got to an emergency C-section it was 4 days past my water being broke. I had the most horrible infection with antibiotics so did my son and he ended up in the NICU for 7 Days on antibiotics that meant that I was never able to nurse my child please call ASAP

First of all,not safe for the baby and secondly a dry birth is absolutely terrible.go in!!

They should deliver!!! I do not understand what they are thinking.

Erin L. Hollen what would you suggest?

Call the ob! Possible suffocation can occur… Good luck!

Just go back. Be pushy. Demand to be admitted.

Follow your instincts. My last one had almost no fluid around her. And they took her immediately.

My water broke at 33 weeks 6 days and I went in and had my baby. I’d be calling my ob asap!

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Hell no !! go to a different hospital or go back and demand they help you!!! Or call an ambulance, this is unbelievable