Middle names that go with Onyx?

So me and hubby are trying to find a different name for our little boy that is due in January. His name was originally Alasdair Liam, but for some reason, I’m not a huge fan of Alasdair (Hubby wanted his name to be Alasdair), but I like the name Onyx, but we can’t seem to find a middle name that would go good with it. What middle names would you guys use with Onyx???


Why not use both names? Onyx Alisdair or the other way around?


James. Michael. Zayne. Caspian. Charles. Samuel. Zion.

I have no idea how to say any of those names but maybe lee?

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You could not have one?!

I rlly like Onyx Orion like another commenter said!


Alexander, Lee, Matthew

Honestly I feel like Onyx should be the middle name

Onyx Liam sounds so cute

Onyx Alasdair Liam. It sounds quite nice and both names are included. :blush::blush::blush:


Onyx Alsdair sounds good then you get both


Onyx Cash
Onyx Michael

I always feel like I need to hear it with the last name, too, though, to decide.

Maybe go with a meaningful to you or your family, middle name? Almost anything can go with Onyx

Steelix or brock :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Onyx (husband’s middle name). I also like Onyx James

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Onyx Adair so it’s similar

Onyx James, onyx Alexander, onyx Johnathan

Both compromise with names then both happy

Onyx Mathew
Onyx Jameson

Onyx Ray
Onyx Michael
Onyx Wayne

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Onyx Fortis…means strong in Latin