My 1-week-old is super gassy and won't poop: Advice?

I have a son who is one week old today. I am breastfeeding. He hasn’t pooped since Saturday night… he is super gassy! Basically came out farting!!! Anyways my question is, are there things I should be eating to help him poop? I am kind of at a loss. The pediatrician told me just to keep feeding him, and he will poop, but it will be almost a week now since he has pooped. I have done a little reading online, but nothing I read really answered my question.


just consult with your doc ! if they think everything is fine, i wouldn’t stress yourself over it too much

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My pediatrician told me when my son was that small to mix a teaspoon of dark karo corn syrup in each bottle until he poops. After two bottles we had explosions. Ever since then any time he got constipated bad it has been my go too

Breastfed babies are super efficient so they can go quite a while without pooping and it is normal. I do reccomend the windi to help with gas though


my baby had the same problem give him a little drop of this. it says 6m+ but he will be perfectly fine just give very little. i gave it to mine. its all natural. :blush:

Don’t eat foods that give you gas like turnips

1 oz Prune juice with 1 oz water

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They had my daughter put a little brown sugar in his milk they don’t do karo syrup anymore

I’ve heard it’s normal for them not to poop for a few days to a week. But do consult your doctor. If you’re breast feeding maybe change your diet. Or formula ask the doctor. Idk if you lil is too young for gripe water but again ask your doctor usually if you call you can speak to a nurse

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Babies dont need to poop like adults, jus lt saying. The caro worked like a charm but i dont think you should give a 1 week old that

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When he poops, he will poop!!! He nor you need anything! Your doing fine. It will come in time.

Windi and a belly massage

Lay him on his back, bend his knees in circles around his stomach and then do the motion his legs are riding a bike. It wont make him immediately poop,but will give him pressure release


Breast babies dont poop as often as formula babies. Totally normal. If he isn’t showing any signs of discomfort he is fine .

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Wild guess here… but… doctors :woman_shrugging:

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My son was breastfed and formula fed and would often go up to 5 days not pooping. It’s normal for EBF babies to go up to a week! As long as baby isn’t in pain or uncomfortable, he is fine!

My dr mentioned babies that age need to poop at least 3x a day. I’d go to the dr and get checked cuz that could be a sign of dehydration.

If you’re exclusively breast feeding they can go up to 10 days without pooping before you need to start worrying/going to see a doctor. Since your baby is just a week old, it’s likely that they are just taking up every bit of nutrition you’re putting in their body! I found with my girls that they would poop more when they comfort fed as opposed to when they were just feeding for hunger. My youngest I recall didn’t poop for about a week but then got a slight cold and wasn’t feeling well so she was feeding constantly - and started pooping a bunch. It wasn’t sick poop either, it was just normal poop. You can try offering the breast more often if you want them to get to poopin.


My nan told me this old wives tale and it works. A plain tablespoon of brown sugar disolved in boiled water, allow to cool. Problem will be solved.

A pinch of Dark Kyro Syrup