My 1-year-old daughter is very mean: Advice?

Hey moms. My daughter is a year and almost half old and is very mean. It might sound a little ridiculous, but she is. I do not condone or allow the behavior she gets put in her room for a minute or receives a stern NO and is removed from the environment completely of where the situation is a occurred and she is reminded to be nice and no hitting. Obviously, she may not fully grasp the information given, as she is only a year old, but I’m trying. Shes constantly slapping people in the face digging her fingers and nails into people’s faces, and trying to what seems to rip their face off and makes an almost bark squeal. As well as caught her trying to step on the dog yesterday. It’s crazy. I don’t condone hitting. Twice I’ve given the two fingers on the top of the hand it was while catching her in the act of going to hit. I feel it’s not teaching much, especially at this age. I’m is not sure what to do. I called early intervention yesterday, and they are open to looking into the behavior. My question for moms is one what was your response to this kind of behavior at an early age and two if you have dealt with early age aggressive babies/toddlers how is it now for your children/teens. I’m not looking for nasty comments I’m looking for INSIGHT thankyou


Honestly, it’s probably just the age. Our two year old is pretty much the same way. It just takes time. My first child comprehended right away what she was and wasnt allowed to do. And our second sometimes just seems like she is off the wall bonkers. Just work with her. It’ll get better with time. :slight_smile:

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That age is difficult… I would say keep up the talking and redirection for sure. I definitely would swat my kids on the hand when they tried to hit, bit etc… I know some people prefer other methods and thats ok… its usually just a phase and if you keep up letting them know it is not ok and won’t be tolerated they grow out of it.

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Your patience and consistency is key. You and your baby will get through this, Mama! :blush:

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My son bit at that age. The only thing that worked was the Respond Not React method. Say no the first time. The second time, immediately put her down, walk away, whatever it is that removes your attention (or remove her from the dog, etc). Stay out of her sight but where you can keep on eye on her for a couple minutes then return to playing, holding, etc. Don’t yell, hit or act excited or animated at all. Any attention, even negative attention, is what they want. They love the reaction it gets. Remove yourself, your attention and your reaction every time and the behavior will go away because she’s not getting the desired result.

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It’s a phase. Just say no it hurts and remove child. Eventually they pick up rights and wrongs.

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Honestly, I know you don’t want to but spank her. I’m not at all suggesting that you beat her, but she does need to understand that hitting/scratching/etc. hurts. A pop on the bottom that stings isn’t abuse and in some cases where the behavior has a overwhelming tendency to get out of hand, it’s necessary. Think of these two scenarios: 1) one day she will be equal in size or bigger than you. What happens when she hits or slaps you then? 2) what happens if this continues as she gets older and she tries it with someone who in turn stomps a mud hole in her butt because she bit off more than she could chew by hitting the wrong person. Personally, I’d rather her receive a spanking from me so that she learns that you Tab King I’m not saying he did. I’m asking for future situations in the instance that someone resists arrest, because obviously something has to change. I’m asking you for your position on when an officer is justified in firing his weapon. aren’t simply asking for her respect but instead require it rather than continue to “baby her” for lack of better words. Let me reiterate that in no way do I condone beating children. I do, however, believe that spankings are required to show the seriousness of certain behaviors.


Shes frustrated sounds like. Does she get uninterrupted one on one, face to face time with you or dad? One is a really hard age

Try rewards vs punishments. So if she does something good give her all the praise and maybe a special treat. When she does bad reprimand her or do as you are doing and remove her from the environment. She will start to seek the good. Remember sometimes some attention even if it’s a negative attention is still attention. She may be doing it to get more attention.

Sounds completely like a phase to me. It will pass! Just keep up with removing her from the situation and reiterating “no”. My son was this way too at that age…oh, and the biting! That’s a phase too. He’s now a well adjusted, kind and considerate young man…he’s 13.

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She testing you see what she can get away with. But it will pass c

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My 1 and a half year old is the same. My other two kids before her did not act that way so i just do what you do. All we can really do is redirect. I honestly think it’s just their age.

I had something similar with my son at that age. He was a biter. Dunno why. And honestly I can’t say that anything ever really helped. He just grew out of it. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Reinforce good behavior. Punish bad behavior. Obviously hitting or whipping isn’t the answer because you don’t want to do to her what she’s doing. Kindve like what someone else was saying. Correct her but try to give as little attention to it as possible. When it happens take her somewhere to a crib or whatever where she can’t see you or anyone else and isn’t getting attention

I would start with other family moms…talk to pediatrician…look up parenting groups online. There are a couple things I can suggest…neither of them bad…but you may not except them. There is a child considered spirited bc their minds work quicker( not smarter)then the average child. Also…I don’t know if this is your first child( you didn’t say)…but I think ypu need a little child guidance class. It might be something you are or are not doing for the child.

We’re going through the same! Its just the age

My son slapped me once so I slapped his hand and sternly told him no. He never did it again. There is nothing wrong with slapping a kids hand to make them stop the bad behavior. My daughter hasn’t done that yet but if she does then I’d do the same thing to her. And I dont wanna hear any crap from anyone about smacking a kids hand. There is nothing wrong with it. Our parents did it and we are fine. My daughter threw a hard toy at my dog last week and i slapped her hand and told her no. They understand! She hasn’t done it again.


If she does it to you,then do it back to her so she can see that it hurts. I had one that started biting…bit her back…and it never happened again. My second starting hitting,so I hagaveve her a pop back and it stopped once she heard No when I popped and found out I wasn’t going to cuddle her after.

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I just tell my daughter no very firmly. Then I hug her and say hugs not hits.

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My baby just turned 14 months, so a little younger than yours. When she hits or is aggressive, we take her hand and make her softly caress whatever she was aggressive with, and say “be nice to x” now when we say the word nice she smiles and caresses our faces, its sweet. It may not work right away but it’s worth a try.