My 1-year-old does not like milk: Advice?

Hey, mamas, I need some advice. My son just turned 1. I’ve been trying to get him off his formula and onto milk. I’ve tried mixing his formula with milk. I’ve tried 1%, 2%, and whole milk. I’ve tried mixing a little chocolate with his milk. He rejects all of it. I even went as far as buying a toddler milk mix that looks like his formula can. He hates it. Literally chucks the bottle the minute he tastes it. He drinks juice just fine and eats just about everything I give him. But milk is really challenging, and it’s not like I just started introducing it, I tried with a little here and there daily for a couple of months before he turned 1. I can’t afford to keep buying formula for him to drink regularly as he wants. He has a bottle of formula for his morning and afternoon nap also when he goes to bed. Along with breakfast and lunch. I know that probably seems like a lot, but he is a healthy, hungry boy. Is there anything anyone can suggest to get maybe him more interested in milk just so he can have it when he goes to sleep as if it’s his formula. Thank you in advance.


If he is eating a well balanced diet with dairy products then there is NO need for milk at all


You can totally try almond milk or soy milk. We did that for about a year, my son just got on regular milk and he’s 2 now. Plus it’s a lot cheaper than formula :wink:


Try almond milk. He may like it.

Instead of putting the milk in a bottle try putting it in a sippy cup


U can also try strawberry milk or enough

Maybe almond or something of likes?

They don’t NEED milk once formula is done. Let him have water. Just make sure he’s eating well for all his nutrients. Otherwise don’t force milk on him. It causes digestion problems for a reason. It wasn’t made for human consumption in the first place.


Our pediatrician also said if our girl was getting a balanced diet, no need for milk. Can give a daily vitamin and calcium supplement if needed. Almond milk is what we give our daughter. Our pediatrician was also fine with that, but when she stopped drinking it she said there really is no need

I had to warm the milk some before my daughter would take it, but now she does fine. Maybe try that? Or almond milk you could try.

I would try other kinds of milk. Or start giving plenty of yogurts and cheeses and other dairy because the formula needs to go in the trash can along with the baby bottle.

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Warm it up maybe after 1 they don’t have to have milk water is fine as long as they are getting plenty of other nutrients

Kids don’t need milk as long as he has a healthy balanced diet. Juice is great but not over abundance of it.
Have you tried pedicure? Or even almond milk? Try the vanilla one!

My daughter never drank whole milk (or any milk) up until recently she’s 4 now. It use to make her gag . Her doctor wasn’t concerned about it.

No need for milk, but try mixing less formula in so it’s watered down Abit maybe that’ll help wheen him off of formula.


As long as he likes cheese and yogurt, my pediatrician said no worries …he finally started liking Milk around 2, but I use skim with strawberry nesquick​:woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:don’t judge me​:joy::joy::joy:

Have you tried Farley’s? It’s the only way my mom could get my sister to drink milk as a child.

My boy liked lactaid better, its almost sweeter, it went better with his belly too.

Kids dont need to drink a ton of milk…it’s loaded with sugar anyway…as long as he is getting calcium through his diet…he’s fine…my kids drink mostly water…but they eat cheese/yogurt/sour cream/tons of veggies…we rarely do juice either bc it’s full of sugar too…you are a great mom for trying all those options…but he will be fine…if you’re still worried give him a vitamin and call it a day…keep on doing your best!


Cashew milk is plenty of protein and nutriment

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