My 1 year old doesn't chew food: Advice?

My 1 and half-year-old baby doesn’t want to chew food… He just swallows whatever I feed him… Help me with something so that I can encourage him to chew food


He might not be ready yet don’t force it stay with soft pureed foods

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keep him on pureed foods until he starts showing more signs of actively chewing on things. also maybe give him foods he won’t have a choice but to chew on, like cutting an apple into quarters so he has to actively bite down on it to get anything from it. also maybe check his gums to make sure something isn’t hurting him when he tries biting or chewing.

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Have you tried allowing him to self feed? Giving baby small bites of avocado or bananas was how we started solids.

Talk to your pediatrician. Have them check him for a tongue tie. So many times this gets missed and may not cause feeding issues from the beginning but might affect eating as they get older.

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Fruit feeder bag (im sorry I’m sure that not the correct term for it) basically you shove his favorite fruit in there close it up and he is forced to chew on the bag to get the juices, messy but worth it. Let him hold a spoon and let him watch you (dramatically) chew (basically chew like a cow so he sees all the movements yours making to chew) give him something too big to swallow but also too big to choke on, my mom used bananas for me but I used Popsicles/freezies for the melting safety counter (always supervised, but you already know that, you’re a great mom, just makes me feel better to say it) use a soothing teether toy before meals if his mouth hurts from teething hes not going to want to make it hurt worse by chewing, and thats all I have off top of my head, hope it helps, also never hurts to run it be a nurse, nurse practitioner, Dr, or health care provider if your nervous

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Or talking , my son was tongue tied , dentist saw it and fixed it all in one visit

Talk to his doctor about it and make sure he doesn’t have any issues going on.

Really tiny bites and make an actual chomping noise and do the motion of chewing with you mouth. Like “ahhhh… om nom nom” like you’re chewing food. That’s how I got my daughter to do it when she was starting on solid foods

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Eat with him chew your food with him make it fun

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