My 1-year-old has been throwing horrible tantrums: is it normal?

My one yo has been throwing horrible tantrums lately. She fails around and throws herself. She also, at times, will drop all of her weight while I’m trying to pick her up. Today she hurt me very badly. She’s been pinching and hitting quite a bit. The major tantrums started just this past week or two. I have an appt to get her vaccines soon, so I will definitely be talking to her doctor about it. It was sudden that this started happening though like a flip of a switch. Is this normal “toddler tantrums,” or could it be something else? Any suggestions or advice! TIA


My 1 year old does this as well :pensive:🤦

Welcome to toddler hood!! Lots of patience, mama. You got this. This shall pass.
Then 2 happens…
I’m working with a newly 2 year old and an almost 4 year old.

Toddlers are like storms beautiful 1 minute then horrible the next :rofl: the joys of parenting


It’s totally normal. She may start banging her head intentionally on things. Also normal.

My daughter has done this since about 1 year old and she just turned 3.

Get her off all sugar , you will see a difference!

Normal, but as with anything else you are concerned about, talk to her pediatrician.

Great question. Some of it is normal. That being said, my fourth child was the “worst”. I thought I had this parenting thing down by time he came along. I took him to the doctor, I was like “either he is in pain, or I have no idea what I am doing”. Turns out, he was lactose intolerant. I thought I had a chubby baby, nope, he was swollen. I discovered this when he was a year and a half. Within three days of being off dairy he was a different kid. Point being, it wouldn’t hurt to talk to a pediatrician to see if there could be a medical problem going on that can be fixed.

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Its normal… but its not to early to teach coping mechanisms… ackniwledge feelings and teach her to take deep breaths. Also pay attention to triggers to help avoid… hunger? Sleep? Pain? Uncomfortable? Bored??

My son does this and he just turned 3 . He goes to school hitting . I put him timeout and put a timer on and explain why he is in there . Also throws fits to try and get what he wants and looks for attention I just don’t acknowledge it and he stops really fast

Although she is only 1 if you talk to her she will understand and likely do as you ask. My 6 year old had never done this but once when she was 4, not bad just threw herself to the floor and whined a bit but I think it’s bc I talked to her starting at age 3 months about behavior and how this was unacceptable. The day she threw herself down I had her stand up, popped her butt one time and said “No! This is not good behavior I know you know this” and never again. It’s important to talk to her while she is calm and explain it to her daily then while mid tantrum remind her why not to do it. Hope this helps


Mine just turned 2 this past weekend. What an asshole she is. I have four kids and she’s the worst. She hits, bites, throws massive tantrums.

Welcome to the club :joy:

Wait til 2 & 3 doesn’t get better! Lol. Good luck mama!

Sounds like my 14.5 month old to a T! Stay strong, they’re stubborn you just have to be ten times stronger than their stubbornness! I have put him in his crib when he throws endless tantrums. He usually just needs a little nap when he’s being a dick.

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She is a girl its just the beginning Ignore her to the point of walking away, dont respond at all. Im petty tho so when my girls did it i would too, like straight mock them and then they would stop and look at me crazy. They stopped lol

The reason she does it is because u are letting her get away with it.

There is nothing wrong with her, she is testing u and seeing how far ur going to let her get away with her tantrums.

You need to establish a time out spot or hit u sit. As soon as she pinches or hits sit her on her butt immediately. Tell her you hit you sit.

Do it every time she is doing bad behavior.

If u dont establish boundaries and dicipline routine. She will get away with it and do it when shes 5.


Normal unfortunately. My kiddo is 2 and yes, it was like a switch flipped when she was around 1. First it was biting and hitting and now its punching, hitting and pinching. It often is when she is emotionally overloaded and doesnt have the words to express what she is feeling. If she’s overtired or not feeling well or just not understanding why mommy is saying no. I put her in her bed and tell her to come out of the bedroom when she is calmer. She takes a minute to wind herself down and then comes out and I try to figure out what is wrong with simple questions. Sometimes there is no answer.

Shes a baby. She had emotions and she doesn’t know what to do with them its perfectly normal. Let her tell you how to respond. If putting her down and letting her get it all out is what works best do that. If holding her calms her faster do that. She is a baby. Shes not misbehaving, shes feeling.