My 1 year old has cavities: Advice?

Has anyone dealt with their one-year-old having cavities? Mine has two on the front of his teeth, and they are beginning to form holes and wondering what the dentist did for them if you’ve experienced it!


They fill them in like they would an adult tooth

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If not too advanced they may apply silver diamine fluoride. It will stop the decay progression but will be dark or color. If progressed too far fillings or crowns may be done (with sedation). Sounds like a change in diet will be needed to prevent farther cavities for the future. Be sure not to send your child to bed with anything other than water (no milk!!) Brush morning and night as well. If he or she carries around a sippy cup, only water! Save other drinks for meals :slight_smile:


Jeez. That sucks. I was always really careful to always brush my babies gums and ( once they had teeth) teeth twice a day.
T hey will probably sedate and fill them like they do with older kids teeth

They will give you fluoride to rub on the teeth and if too bad will fill them…

When my kids have had cavities (due to their medications) I just had them pull the tooth i wasnt putting them through all the unnecessary pain for a baby tooth that was gonna eventually fall out anyways


You need to get to a dentist ASAP If the holes are visible make sure they are off the bottle. Sometimes they need to be extracted depending on the extent of the decay

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My daughter was 4 she brushed really well, her back teeth grooves are apparently really deep so she got holes because the brush just wasn’t getting it.

One of her front teeth got a hole too, she had to go under and have the back one pulled and the front they put a cap over it a white one so it’s filled the hole and it’s white, expensive though.

My daughter had them when she was 2 they put her to sleep and put caps on them. She’s 4 now and has to have them redone

Great dentist at Mary Bridge Hospital

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Are you sure they at cavities. My son’s enamel on his two front teeth is very thin. Looks kinda like a cavity. Do have a pic?

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My sons dentist just pulled em out since they were still his baby teeth

They will cap them or fill them if not to bad. I’d go to the dentist as soon as possible. If they suggest capping them I would make sure you tell them you want white caps. The silver caps look awful in the front of their mouth. IMO! You don’t start losing baby teeth untill around 7 years old. If the pull them out 6 years is a long time to have no front teeth. Also after last bottle or cup brush teeth bc milk sitting in their mouth rots their teeth.

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Mine did, she was a premie and I took her to a pediatric dentist and they were great.

It depends on the severity of the decay. Sometimes fillings or caps are needed under sedation. Other times, a fluoride treatment is treatment enough. Pay attention to what your little one is drinking, offer more water, and brush daily.

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My 4 year old had them. It devastated me because I’ve always been CRAZY about his teeth, sugar, juice, ect. And boom cavities. Its HEREDITARY for the judgy ladies in the back!!! If you have suck ass teeth (I do) then your babies probably will too!

Probably take an x ray to see how close the adult teeth are and pull them if they’re about to fall out anyway.

My great grandaughter had to be put to sleep to have hers done and a lot had to be pulled

My son had his front teeth filled at 2. Problem is that these are the worst to fill and he had to have them redone at 4.

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Have the same problem with my 3yr old girl she’s had fillings and ended up last year will three pulled out from the back