My 1-year-old has started messing with her ear when she is tired: Thoughts?

I have a question for the "seasoned " moms. I am a first time mom and my 1 year old has started holding or messing with my ear when she is tired and about to fall asleep. If not the ear, she is rubbing on me, face shoulder, breasts. Is this a soothing mechanism? She just started it like a few days ago. Thanks in advance.


Is she teething? Sometimes that can make the ears sore and baby becomes extra clingy as well.

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A lot of children like to touch things when they want to go to sleep it helps them to relax

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My son used to twirl my hair or rub my ear lobe when he was falling asleep

Watch for fever or drainage

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My baby rubs his own hair and twists mine when he’s sleepy! :blush:

My son used to do this, I always thought he had an infection but they told me just helps him of course that’s not always the case he’s now almost 3 and still we have to rub his ear for his routine :joy: lol

Yes! Get her a snuggly blankie that she can mess with. My daughter has a “wubby” she calls it. And its fuzzy soft on one side and silk on the other. The moment we see her walking around fiddling with it and rubbing it on her face. We know shes sleepy lol. Then she goes down easy.

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Yes! Self soothing, a lot of babies do this

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My daughter is 6 months and does this but i think its her teeth she has two cutting through

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Teething or fighting sleep

My daughter used to play with her eye lashes… She’s now 11 and still does it when she’s tired :joy:

My 1 year old does it. He is teething very bad rn.

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Its a soothing thing… Mine started it when she was 8 months old she is now 2 and a half and when she gets sleepy… Or expecially fighting sleep she rubs mine… hers… Daddy’s… Who ever she can get…lol she will sleep between us once in a while… And she will run one of his one of mine and take our hands and put them on hers for us to rub hers as well

My son was obsessed with touching my earrings when he was falling asleep. At first, I let him because I knew he was self soothing and he hadn’t formed an attachment to a blanket or object. After a while, my ear got irritated and he got upset when I told him he couldn’t anymore. If we ever fell asleep in my bed together, I would wake up to him rubbing my earring in his sleep. I would try to transfer the self soothing to something else so it’s not upsetting when you have to stop it.

Might have an ear infection

My cousin used to do that when he was a baby. It was a soothing mechanism for him when he was tired or got scared

I used to twirl my hair or my sister’s hair when I was little

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My two year old isn’t much for stuffed animals, pacifiers, and she doesn’t suck her thumb. Her soothing method when she gets sleepy is just rubbing her arms or anyone’s arms that she’s close to.

Could be a soothing technique, or, depending on where she’s at with teething it could be from that! My son was constantly pulling on his ears and playing with them to the point I had his doctor check him out to make sure he didn’t have an ear infection. Everything looked fine but he thought it was related to his molars coming in! Sure enough, once he had a break in teething he stopped pulling on his ears as much.

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