My 1-year-old has suddenly become a picky eater: Advice?

When my son turned one about two weeks ago, he stopped eating everything he was eating before except mashed potatoes and his stars. I need advice on how to get him to start eating everything again.


Don’t give him the mashed potatoes and stars.


My son is exactly the same way! I used to call him a hoover because he would put anything and everything in his mouth… but once he turned one a month ago, he’ll only eat FRUIT and cut up hot dogs. He likes cheese too, so I started making queasdillas and sneaking in some veggies. I’ve found also that when he’s hungry and i offer him a variety of foods, he WILL try things if I let him sit there long enough.

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Its a phase he will get over it. Offer him a variety and make it look fun he will eat

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Following cause mine will only eat cookies and some baby food still. No real food :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I offer him just about everything we eat and he just throws it or spits it out!!

Continue to offer the regular foods. And new foods. It’s just a phase.

Kids do this because it’s the only thing they can control. My son is going to be 3 in August and is still being picky. I let him pick out things in the store that he will eat. Seems to be working, for the most part anyway


Mine is a year & 17 days, he is also picky but I always try to giv him lots of veges esp when he is hungry because I noticed when he is very hungry he eats anything I prepare.

Use reverse psychology on him.tell him he better not eat it as a joke. :smiley::slightly_smiling_face:

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Mine turned a year recently and she has done the same. I was worried until doing some research and talking w the pediatrician that this is completely normal and should improve around the eighteen month mark so we will see how it goes

My daughter tried this i just kept trying her on the foods she said she didnt like she now eats practically everything. Shes now 4 but i remember she didnt like rice, pasta, veg, mash she now does shes not keen on salad stuff still but she gives it a good go thats all that matters :wink: then again she eats things i wouldnt like blackpudding thanks to others that try her on foods i may not like

Mix his veg in his mash

Very normal my daughter did that when she was about 2 and still is and she is almost 3. I’ve been told she will grow out of it

Just a phase. Continue to offer variety.

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It’s normal, just please please don’t force your kid to eat, that’s damaging and will only make things worse. My daughter is 5 & has gone through these phases before. If she wants to eat good, if not that’s fine. I ask her what she wants to eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks and just go by that.

Its normal. Just keep offering new foods.

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Just keep offering him different foods

Like most have said keep offering him other healthy food. Dont cave I know kids throw tantrums like no other stay strong. Eventually if he’s hungry enough he will eat hey he might find a new favorite meal. Make sure he has water,juice if you guys do that. But good luck

Sometimes it’s not that they’re picky it’s that they’re going through a growth spurt. Always offer food and gently guide them to make nibbles. Don’t force them to eat. Sometimes I eat a bite and say how good it is and offer it to them. I learned letting them be done when they want to be done helps as well. Less pressure less overall stress. Your child will eat when they’re hungry. We don’t make alternative meals here if my son picks at his food and decides he isn’t hungry it’ll stay on the table for 30-1h and if he doesn’t eat again it’s gone. It’s all temporary he’s still a good water it’s just a phase. Also my son had a moment during utensil use learning where eating things like rice was incredibly frustrating for him and helping him did get him to eat more

Just tell him it’s time to est