My 10-month-old curls her toes when she walks: Advice?

My daughter is a little over ten months old and already walking! However, she curls her toes (she has since she was born.), so when she’s walking, she is curling them and sometimes getting rug burn from our carpet on her toes! Any advice to get her not to curl them? Or tips on how to help her?


Put shoes on her…? :woman_shrugging:t4:


Try crib shoes or slippers or even socks with grips in the bottom

I believe you need professional help. Because the toes need to straighten out. Can they straighten out, maby there is a medical problem.


My sons all did it too all early walkers. I bought these for them to walk in they seem to protect little toes and also offer some ankle support.


Shoes with hard soles

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A sandal with a hard sole for in the house.

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My daughter is also 10 months isn’t walking yet, but showing signs and she has curled her toes since birth they won’t uncurl

Shoes. My son used to curl his toes too…i believe he was trying to make grip or something.

Definitely put shoes on her…

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Buy her a good pair of shoes that make her feet lay flat!

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I don’t want to alarm you but my daughter has and autoimmune disease that is called CMT. You might ask her doctor about it

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Shoes are made for children learning to walk. Years ago, Buster Brown, was a famous label for new walkers. Solid sole and above ankle high. Shoelaces.

Put hard shoes on her

Put shoes on when you get her dressed in the morning

My friend had to get braces for her sons feet/legs when he did this

Could be toe walking?

I looked it up on Google…but i ask the doctor …they said it’s like a sign of gripping…

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Id get it checked out. When babies learn to walk they need their toes for balance. If she is walking at 10 months thats early and she clearly has good balance. There is a reason she is curling her toes. Might be worth finding out why before shoes or flexong or pushing anything. If she has shoes on you wont see if she is curling her toes still