My 10 month old teething baby will not eat: Advice?

My ten month (teething) won’t eat anything, pushes away the spoon, and turns her head from it. She always closes her mouth as I try feeding her, spits out food, and becomes cranky. When I put the food in front of her in the tray, she would just smash it in her fingers but won’t eat it.


Food before 1 is just for fun. They learn by touching things…texture is very important to kids. I just put the stuff in front of my kids while they sat in the highchair and let them play. They have to work on coordination and stuff

Her gums probably hurt like hell and the added acid from her saliva alone is also probably upsetting her tummy. As long as she’s drinking enough, she’ll be ok. Maybe some pain meds will help. If she’s drinking, try some Pediasure that way.


My baby did the same thing and refused to nurse. Come to find out she had double ear infection.

Try some foods that she can eat cold that can sooth her gums. I use to fry chicken give it to my daughter after it got cold in the fridge. Everything had to be cold for her. I hope thats helpful

Food before one is just for fun. They should still be getting the vast majority of their nutrients via formula or breastmilk. Their gums hurt to chew on so they don’t like food.


Thats normal for teething. Just make sure she is getting plenty to drink. She will be fine. Once the teeth come in she will start eating and stuff again. Teething hurts. Maybe give some tylenol or something to help with pain if its that bad. Or even call the dr if you are concerned maybe been too long since she ate. All kids are different in how they handle that

Try giving her a frozen eggo, they melt quick I give them to my son all the time when he’s teething, cold helps his gums and I feel better he ate a little

You could try cold foods that may help her gums feel better.

Give her a bottle, her dang mouth is hurtin

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My son didn’t love food until he was a little older as well. This is okay. “Food before one, is just for fun.”

I gave my little girl frozen baby food or applesauce in the mesh baby feeder. It made a mess but she couldn’t choke and it soothed her gums. As long as she is getting her bottles she will be ok. Like the previous comment said food is just a learning experience right now.

She will eat when see is hungry

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Frozen berries in a feeder helped my little one!


Try to give her soft finger foods that she can eat herself. Let her play with it. Let her get messy. She needs to get used to it. Her main source of nutrition before 1 is the formula/breast milk, so as long as she’s getting enough of that, let her get used to regular food on her own. Mush steamed veggies that are a little chunky but soft enough she can chew if she decides to eat it. My 1 year old is barely letting me feed her anymore. She has been wanting to do it herself. Maybe yours does too?

That’s all my 10 month old wants to do right now! She wants something to chew on constantly.

My son loved frozen yogurt tubes when he was teething or to suck on a frozen hotdog.

Clove oil on the gums

I would try something cold like her fruits the cold will feel good on her gums.

Finger foods… don’t feed her… give her things like scrambled eggs, soft melon etc. she may eat if she can do it herself… otherwise she will eat when she’s hungry.