My 10-month-old wakes up in the middle of the night and stays awake: Help?

I am at a loss right now. It is 12:26, and like clockwork, my son had woken up before he was ready. He is ten months old and doesn’t want to be awake. I try to feed him and change his diaper. But he is not hungry. His diaper is not wet. I try everything to soothe him. We listen to hours of white noise. We rock in my chair. I bounce with him. I sing lullabies to him softly. But still, he is awake and pissed for hours. And everyone I ask about it just keeps telling me this is normal. That babies his age always do this. But it doesn’t feel normal. And I am at a loss of what to do.


He’s probably about to hit a major milestone. Whenever they are close to a growth spurt or major milestones, their habits change. Itll get better and should only last a couple of weeks.


They have regressions. They suck, but it is normal.

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Needs more food or milk.
Changing nipple size on bottle helped me at 3 months and she sleeps 8 plus hours before waking up. Hang in there…it will happen

Put him to bed later and dont let him nap too long in thr daytime

Try no naps during the day. It works with my son

Sleep regression…totally normal like everyone said…specially close to a milestone. All my boys went through it. Itll get better :slight_smile:

If he’s not fussing just leave him in his crib. He’ll go back to sleep eventually

My daughter is 10 months and doing the same thing. Like clockwork every morning at 4. I turn on her favorite song on my phone, put it in the crib and I go back to sleep :joy: She doesnt eat, doesnt want to be held, she wants to play.

My son was the same way my husband and I had such a hard time. We noticed many things that were different he was developing different. After a year he got evaluated and had certain sensory issues. His therapist recommended a weighted blanket. Helped so much. Hes 5 now he still has trouble sleeping at times and hes on melatonin now for 6 months. He doesnt produce natural melatonin. Good luck!

It could be sleep regression it could also be teething. Try doing one nap at like 1130am 12pm. An only let him sleep for like a hour or hour an a half. An keep him up till about 730 8pm this is what I have had to do with my 13 month old since he was like 9months old

Can you try and keep him up more during the day? That way he may be more apt to be tired at night.

Try to keep the baby awake more strength day. Had to take my daughter’s nap away at 1 ur. or she was awake all night. That was 1 year, I don’t know what 1 ur isLol.

Make sure there are no medical issues such as ear infection or UTI. Try to shorten his naps & up his activity (if possible, we have a 9 month old grandson in the home & its HIS schedule lol). & try to keep him awake a bit longer when he goes down for a nap.
Best of luck, its just starting for my daughter & I :slight_smile:

Is he teething? Or gassy

My daughter did this around 9 months and finally stopped around 11 months. The pediatrician told me that when babies hit milestones or growth spurts that sometimes they’ll go through some sleep regression

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Its hard but it will pass if there is nothing psychically wrong with him and he isn’t hurt leave him in his crib and go back to sleep… when my son was 10 or 12 months old he went through it first I thought teething and gave tylenol just in case if that didnt do anything I just got frustrated and keep giving him a bottle soon a nuff I just left him whine it out and I no that’s not ever parents favorite thing to do but eventually it works

Leave him in his crib give him something to play/cuddle. He needs to learn to self soothe and fall back asleep.


My 10month old didn’t have a solid sleep schedule. So I didn’t. Gotta make them tired all over again

Try a johnson&johnson nightime lavender bath. sometimes this works well, also the nipple size change helps. :slightly_smiling_face: