My 10-month-old will not go to sleep at a decent time: Advice?

My daughter won’t sleep at a decent time. She is ten months old and will not go to sleep until 11-12 at night! I’m not with her during the day because I work, so I don’t know how much she sleeps. She wakes at night to feed, but that isn’t the problem; the problem is she will not settle down to sleep when I give her a bath at around 8:30-9. It is messing with the way I sleep because she will not want to settle down and stop playing until almost midnight every night. Is there anything I can do to get her calmer and ready to sleep?


Try and use the lavender baby bath, not sure if you have tried it or not, it does help.

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You can try a relaxing bedtime routine, the relaxing essential oils, instructing to reduce naps during the day to care givers, etc., but some babies are simply hardwired to be nocturnal. I was and still am and it’s believed to be a left over instinct to ensure there were always members of the pack who were alert at night to guard over everyone else while they slept to protect the camp from predators.

My pediatrician told my mom as long as I couldn’t get out of my crib, didn’t try, wasn’t upset, was content to lie there and talk to myself, etc., to let me coo quietly in my crib and get some sleep.

All parents are different as are all babies… I would just lay baby in crib at the bedtime u set. Tell them it’s bed time now and stick to that routine. Bath, book, bed. After a few/many cycles they will adapt n understand that’s the way it’s done n it is what it is.

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Somersault her she has her days and nights mixed up

Ask your daytime care giver to not let her nap much. Set a routine. Bath at 8, read a book, soft music with lights out. It can take a while, but she should get used to it. And yes, it is ok to let her cry for a while. The more you go in to check on her, the longer she will stay up. This is how I did it for my 4 kids. Hope you get her schedule fixed soon.

First check her sleeping hours with who she’s with during the day.
Second… Pure Lavender & Cedarwood Essential Oils either in a spray for her pillow or diffusing it will knock her out.
It works on adults & kids & it’s safe bcus it’s natural. Just mk sure it’s pure & organic.

Have the nanny change her sleeping habits during the day for earlier or no naps at all for about a week to reset her sleeping routine

Don’t give in mom. Set bed time for 8-830 and stay with it. She needs the rest. So do you. She’ll calm Dow in a week or 2. Try reading a book , prayers then nite nite :slight_smile:


Stick her in her crib with a few toys. She will go to sleep. If you go in because shes crying or let her stay up…you are only prolonging it.


Try bathing her earlier. She has a body clock too. So her clock says she gets tired 2-3 hours after her bath. Also try the sleep time bath soap with lavender. It works a treat.


Find out from her daytime care giver her napping hours for the day. You may have to plan activities to keep her busy during the day then lavender bath book and bedtime when you choose. She needs reset.


You could have the person watching her to put in writing what they do with your daughter through the days and readjust the nightly routine. My babies were in the pack n play around seven pm to wind down a bit then around eight a little rocking and laullaby and they were out like lights. Every baby is different so it would take a little time to get the child on your night schedule LOL

Benadryl in her bottle.


She must be sleeping during the day. Ask your caregiver if she could keep her stimulated during the day? She probably naps a couple of times a day, ask her to wake her up in an hour. This might fix your problem with her schedule Good luck tired Mommy!


Look up sleep hygein on Google. Explains how the melatonin works within the brain and affects sleep

Most likely she is sleeping during the day! Nanny or whoever rather have her sleep than babysit. Good for her BUT bad for you


Find out the nap time situation. I was having the same. Then I found out he was asleep most of the day! So I ask them no more sleep after 2 pm. Asleep by 9 now


I was a baby that done that. Everyone’s internal clock is different. I had people my entire childhood trying to force sleeping habits on me. It only frustrated me and caused my sleep to get worse. I was glad to finally be an adult and sleep when my body wanted rest.

Have to agree with the other ladies sounds like she is taking to long of a nap in the afternoons or to many naps all together.