My 10-week-old has been spitting up a lot: Advice?

My 10 week old just spit up water and not a little bit of water a lot. We have tried adding extra formula to her bottles, 3 different water types, and taking the chill off of it. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do? She has a horrible neck rash because of all the spitting up


How many ounces is she taking

She’s either eating too much or has reflux

Call the doctor? Sounds like reflux but a doctor would diagnose between than the internet.

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my LO had the same problem. she has reflux. try a more upright position when feeding.

My son had this problem on similac. Sometimes he would sput up half a bottle at a time. Didnt matter how many burps, or how he ate, or what water we used. I just made the switch to equates verison of enfamil, and we have had no spit up! The dr said the spit up was normal and offered no advice. Try switching to a gentle formula of a different brand!

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Sounds like reflux. See a dr. Burp a lot, elevate after the feed, my son had projectile reflux and it was awful

Just because her puke is watery doesnt mean you should put more formula in the bottle… Thats not how it works. Take her to an actual dr and ask about acid reflux, sometimes it can be the formula but you shouldnt change it unless her dr says to.


Make sure you’re burping her after each feeding. Try to get a small, easy, burp but keep going for a much larger burp. If that doesn’t work chat with your doctor about reflux or switching to an easy to digest formula.

Have her tested for milk allergy! Switch to non milk based formula

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Try switching formula to a gentler one

Have her checked for pyloric stenosis. Same for my son and that was what he had. Easy fix surgery at 6 weeks old for him.

Change the formula to a gentle ease one.

Are you giving her straight water??

Take an 8 oz bottle fill it with filtered water and add 1 peppermint candy- the kind you eat after dinner. Shake the bottle to let the mint dilute a little. The mint doesn’t need to desolve completely. Feed the baby about an oz. The peppermint helps with reflux and digestion. You can do this after each feeding. It’s also ok if baby takes more than an oz. Then burp baby. You may notice gas and burping.

We used enfamil a.r and it helped my son with spitting up.


Make an appointment the formula maybe upset her belly n they may have change her formula

Definitely have the Dr check for reflux. This happened with both of my boys and they both had reflux.

DON’T ADD EXTRA FORMULA. It is dangerous. Reflux does that and the baby may need a medicine to help with that.


My daughter did alot too
Doctor switched formula until we found one that she’d keep down.