My 10 year old acts out and has horrible tantrums: What can I do?

I’m really having a hard time with my 10yrd old son right now. He’s driving me crazy…first, let me say I have four boys, and he’s the second born…he is always yelling and having tantrums saying everyone dislikes him nobody loves him…and I feel terrible about it… I treat all my boys equally and love them all equally. I’m at my wits end with what to do with him. It’s gotten worse since the covid happened…he just always thinking everyone is against him and. i can’t figure out why…ease any advice, no ride or negative comments, please…


I’m talk to his doctor.may need therapy

Maybe I’m pointing out the obvious here, but have you simply just tried talking to him one on one? Just you and him? Calmly? Maybe take him out somewhere, just you and him. See if he can open up.

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Time out… take things of him and ignore his dramatics and be consistent …once he calms down talk to him and always encourage communication 24/7


I think it has to do with hormones really. My son was the exact same age when he did this. I in fact did take him to therapy which they told me they believe he is adhd and just has impulsive disorder. To just keep explaining that the appropriate way of handling anger and to keep reassuring the things he needs reassured on. A year later and he has sometimes hard days but for the most part its 90 percent better.

Ooooooo second child syndrome sucks… One of the many reasons I don’t want anymore kids… Wish I had some advice for you… Hang tight mama!!!

Same here…my son turns 10 on Thursday… Having similar issues so I’m following

I would say he has mental or emotional issues get counseling with a good Dr don’t try to deal with it yourself.

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I’d definitely talk to his doctor about this and possibly get him into some counseling for his anger problems. He needs to learn how to control his anger in a healthier way. It’s ok to be upset and angry and unhappy but it’s not ok to behave the way he is. He may have a behavior disorder that is undiagnosed. Don’t give up.

Try talking one on one with him or do something special with him in the home like baking reading or even drawing

Me personally sounds like he might manipulating you in away. When he is acting out and says such thing dose it change the tone of the rant ! So he doesnt get in trouble !! Idk just try to reassure him later after the tantrum thats not true!!

One on one, Out of the house Talk w. Him about what’s going on with him.
He may need some therapy.
I agree with time outs but if something’s going on mentally. That’s gonna make him feel worse.
Depression and anxiety start at young ages as well.
Talk w. His doctor about it.


Counseling. Mines 12 and still does. It immaturity. Mine is adhd and astrong willed child.

My first question is which maybe its implied but are there younger siblings?? The reason I ask is because my daughter is just like that with a hole bunch of added sass…she is number 3 there is 4 and a 5 my 2 older boys didn’t really do it well the oldest did my 2nd is just laid back i guess lol point is i think its normal and i have some some older ones who seem to have definitely grown out of it

My daughter is ten and we had the same issues. Took her to therapists and doctors and ended up with several diagnosis sure as schizophrenia ADHD with odd. We have started medication regiments and we use alternative punishments instead of spanking (they never phased her from doing wrong) and we start virtual schooling before covid started. You can tell a big difference in her behavior but sometimes she has moments and you have to learn alternative methods to dealing with those as well. Like the old saying goes sometimes you have to pick ur battles. Goof luck momma it’s gonna be a hard road but seeing my daughter able to be calm was well worth the journey

Is he acting out or just upset when he is expressing himself. Kids have big emotions and he is telling you how he feels and maybe he sounds angry and sad because those are the feelings he is having. Validate what he says. Ask him why he feels that way. Ask him what you can do to help.
Kids, like adults need to have somewhere safe to let out their feelings without being told they are wrong. Maybe he needs some time alone with you to make him feel important. It’s hard. Boys have such big emotions but honestly this sounds pretty common.

Definitely sounds like anxiety to me

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I agree get him some help. That’s how it started with my son and I didn’t recognize it was depression. Eventually he killed himself. Not trying to scare you just don’t want another parent to go through that EVER!

Try not to automatically jump to punishment, try to see if there is more to the problem because 10 is old for tantrums. He could be dealing with anxiety you don’t mention much about friends, did he have some before Covid? maybe he is lonely or having a difficult time engaging with his peers and siblings and needs some support. I know with my 13 year old we can tell when something is bothering her but if she knows she’s going to get upset she will not tell us right away we don’t accept nothing as an answer.

Give him some time, get a professional opinion from someone who specializes in children’s mental health so you can get him some support.
Good luck❤️

I would speak to his doctor to get him into counseling

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