My 10-year-old takes other peoples things: Advice?

My 10 yr old son has a habit of getting people’s things and then lying about it when confronting him about it. I’m at my ends with this kid. It’s not just once or twice. It’s a way too many times I’ve spanked him grounded him taken away things from him, but still, it doesn’t do anything. I’m tired it’s embarrassing. I don’t know what to do with him anymore. He is dirty, as well. He won’t throw his trash away. He hides the wraps anywhere he can. I can find food in his room, and he would blame my 7 yr old son, and he ain’t him. It’s my 10 yr old. I tell him about his hygiene how he should put deodorant on and be like, and it doesn’t get through to him… HELP IM IN MOMMY IN NEED! I love my son I do, but this lying and taking things that ain’t his is driving me crazy…


Following because my 7yr old does this!

First of all, you need to change the way you see him and think of him. Maybe he’s a kleptomaniac? And when it comes to him being “dirty”, he’s learned it somewhere :woman_shrugging:


I have an 11 year ild girl who dine the same thing.she even took money from me.I called the.police on her and they tead her the.riot act.she it.anymire.You just have to let them kniw it isnt tolerated and get the law involved.that may make him stop


Have him pay back the things he has taken, with chores around the house. For example, if he steals someones $20 toy, he has to return the toy, and then do $20 worth of chores. (Dishes, laundry, sweep/mop/vacuum, yard work, mow the lawn, etc.) With no privileges until it’s done, so no tv, no tablet, phone, or computer time, no console games, etc. Grounded where you can see him.


I’m getting a feeling that there’s an underlying issue. Maybe take him for evaluation


It could be a pre-puberty thing…with being dirty I went thru my son not taking a shower, then I couldn’t get him out of the shower, Same with wrappers under his bed, with plates. That’s no big deal. But the stealing & lying, I would get him in to see a therapist, something is going on


My mom caught me stealing a piece of candy from a store once she made me bring it back in tell the manager what I did infront of everyone guess what last time I ever stole anything.


He need professional help - I say this with utmost kindness- he needs to be seen ASAP. Good luck - :heart:

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I was with a younger cousin once who stole from a hobby store. I marched her back in and embarrassed her about it in front of everyone and she never did it again.

My son used to steal from other people. The last time it happened, I took to back to that persons house to return the item, and had her call the police. They came and explained to him what will happen if he continues taking things that aren’t his. Never had an issue after that

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Welcome to the life of a preteen parent lol

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Dang this is tough

Have an officer stop by ur house
Speak to him about stealing

Dont give him any snacks
Put it under lock and key…he wants to act like a toddler…treat him like one
Put a garbage can in his room so he can get used to throwing it away

My kids wont shower unless I remind them so u need to turn on the shower and force him in the bathroom
Give him shampoos and soaps that he enjoys the scent. Watch him apply deodorant…cuz telling him to do it never gets done
If he wants to walk around like a stink bug… febreeze him
Hose him down outside
If it gets fo the point …its fetting hot outside so its actually going to be fun and refreshing
Once hes wet he sill want to shower

Literally say u stink
Were so worried of hurting feelings…and kids can handle the truth.
Stop tip toeing…its not working!

U already took every away as punishment

Hygiene is important
He will only get more stinky as he gets older so nip it in the butt by being blunt

Dont wash is clothes and leave it in his bed

Problem is hes duper lazy and thinks he has a maid
Age 10 is old enough to start doing chores.
U have been cleaning up after him which is why he never learned how to be tidy

My 7 yr old would hid clean luandry under bed in closets and shove them in places… instead of doing luandry.

Eat desert in infront of him with ur other son. It’s not mean. What’s mean is hes treating u and yr 7 yr old like servants.

Take ur 7 yr old out to beach and leave 10 yr old at home or family member
So that’s new form of punishment along with extra chores

He was also not brushing his teeth…I talked to him about periodontal disease show pics


You need to get him to a therapist for a evaluation. He may have a mental problem. The sooner he gets help the off he will be.

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Have you gotten him to talk to you about why he does it?

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I have went as far as taken my daughter up to the police station and had a officer talk to her about where stealing and lying will lead her after she had got caught stealing at school. The police station was extremely helpful and I haven’t had this issue again. That wasn’t her first time but hopefully after that it will be her last.


I’d talk to him to see if theres something going on with him, or take him to someone neutral, therapist, friend someone he trusts to ask what’s going on with him,( he may speak to them more than you), before you exclude him from all family fun things or bring the police to your door to see him. He might have things going on that makes him act this way, any attention is better than no attention, unfortunately that’s how children see it. Good luck.

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It that age. God I hated my daughter at that age. Lol. I had a breakdown and ended up in a mental health facility for a week cuz of her. Shes almost 16 now and has gotten waaaaay better with age. Plus I’ve learned to just let some things go. U gotta choose your battles

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The showering will improve when he discovers girls. It was a fight to get my son to shower. He is married now and showers every day. I think all kids goes thru this stage

Check pockets before leaving anywhere, clean room 3 or more times a week, and showers before every day before bed! He is 10!! Put your foot down!

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