My 11 month doesn't respond to his name: Should I be concerned?

My baby is 11 months old and still doesn’t respond to his name or point at things. I’m going to bring it up to his pediatrician at his one-year check-up, but I’m just curious if any other moms have babies who were the same. I test his hearing by snapping my fingers by his ears, and he turns and looks. Thanks, and please be kind.


I would ask the doctor hun, my friends little girl is 11 months and only just learnt to crawl but seems fine with everything else at the moment

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Has he ever responded to it like when he was a little younger? He may just be ignoring you lol. My son use to ignore me when I called him.

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My 14 month old doesn’t respond to her name either. Sometimes I think she just ignores me. I put her in the mirror and ask her, who’s that, I tell her that’s you, followed by her name. I think I’m time she will realize her name and that I’m calling her to get her attention. She occasionally punts but not always. All kids learn different things and at different times. There’s all the common milestones doctors look for but if they are doing majority of those they are usually fine. Just keep teaching him, he will learn. They are constantly learning and picking up new things.

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Definitely have another hearing test with an audiologist. Maybe have a nuero look at him too in case of any issues in the brain.

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I would be alarmed and I would not wait to see what the problem is. He may be just lazy but I would check developmental issues. God love you and him

Does baby respond to you in otherways??? Do you make sounds and baby giggles? Does baby make eye contact? I would definitely bring it up to the dr.

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My son did that I called the doctor ASAP

I am a mother and a therapist. Get your child tested for Autism. Both of my children were the same … both are on the Autism Spectrum. It is obvious that your child can hear. If you want to know more or what to look for or talk to the doctor about to get your child tested just DM me. :purple_heart:

Hearing test needs to be provided by a pediatrician first and then he can send you to a specialist where the test is extremely different. Make sure that he is developing in other areas too because is always better having a diagnosis so we can give to our kids the best tools

Definitely worth letting the doctor know. Kids develop differently to an extent so he could be fine but if your instinct tells you something is wrong- check it out

Every child is different n will develop different… but absolutely ask your pediatrician better safe than sorry

Probably just distracted, but definitely bring it up with his doctor, they can test hearing. A snap near the ear is easier to hear than noises from a distance…my daughter could hear louder noises…but could barely hear…we didn’t realize till she was three…she had actually learned to lip read…she ended up getting tubes in her ears…and after one set and some speech therapy the issues were gone.

My son is 18 months and he did this too for quite some time. We got his hearing tested and everything was fine, he just apparently didn’t want to acknowledge us :joy:


He should definitely be responding to his name at 11 months.


I wouldn’t be concerned yet mine was the same way then hit 2 wouldnt stop talking

My son was the same way. Also would not interact with me with toys. Whenever we played he would focus on the toy and not notice me at all. At 2 years old he was diagnosed with autism. It never hurts to talk to your doctor with concerns, as many things are better to catch early.


Go get his ears checked


From what I have learned if not responding by 12 mo you could very well be dealing with autism issues.


Get him into a program. It helps alot.