My 11-month-old has a cold what can I do to help her feel better?

So, in my daughter’s entire 11-month life, she has NEVER been sick. I’m a major neat freak when it comes to my daughter, therefore, no sickness. No cold, nothing. Well, now she has a cold. I was wondering if any of you mamas could help me with things to make her feel better.


Warm baths/showers to get steam for her to help breathe. Vick’s baby rub. They also have lollipop cough drops if you think she could handle that. I know she’s little so it’s hard with that age to help soothe her. Hope she feels better soon!

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Cool mist humidifier and saline spray

Run a VERY HOT STEAMY SHOWER til bathroom is steamed really well. Stand in bathroom, holding her so she can breathe in the steam. Also, get a Humidifier and Saline Spray. The STEAM is the best.

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If she’s congested try putting baby Vicks on her chest or back. Nose Frieda’s are AMAZING as well to help with congestion or runny noses. Humidifiers will help out as well. And you can give her warm baths or showers. That’ll help loosen any Congestion. Also, Tylenol or Motrin for fevers. Good Luck momma :heart:

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Cool mist humidifier saline spray and suction and Vick’s on feet with socks or footed pajamas


No matter how much of a neatfreak you are that isnt going to stop her from getting sick. Its a good thing to get sick sometimes, it builds your immune system. Tylenol and make sure shes drinking lots of liquids.


Baby Vick’s and infant Tylenol

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Warm bottle (not room temperature)
Snot sucker
Lavender/eucalyptus vapor rub
Naps on belly
Tylenol if needed
Our Ped says chamomile tea but I still have yet to see it help my son.
Sick babies are the worst!
Good luck :sparkling_heart:

Saline spray! It’s a life saver. It’s tough but you just gotta ride it through.

I see to been mentioned but my grandma taught me to put a lot of baby Vick’s on the feet with socks. I even use this as an adult (with normal Vick’s) and it works so well.

These helped my little one alot


Research essential oils for future!! They work if you work them!

Vicks on chest and feet with feet in the pjs. A humidifier in her room. And tylenol and motrin rotate them every 4-5 hours!!! Good luck!!! :blush:


Doctor is your best option.

I like the highland tiny cold tablets. They are all natural and help my daughter alot.

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Lavender baby rub
Zarbee cold meds
Steam and saline
Lots of fluid and rest


When a toddler as young as this one gets sick it is suggested to take her to the Pediatrician. This could turn into a Respiratory inflammation called RSV which is a serious sickness and could result in death.

A chiropractor, so the neck is aligned and everything drains.

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If you get Vick’s, please make sure to get the baby one. Regular Vick’s can sometimes be too harsh and burn baby’s sensitive skin. Otherwise, if you have a candle warmer, I take a small glass and put a tablespoon of Vick’s with a few tablespoons of water into it and set it on the warmer. It’ll release the Vick’s smell so you don’t have to put any on baby. I do that for everyone in my family when we’re sick. No mess! :blush: