My 11-month-old only has front teeth: Advice?

My little one is almost 11 months old, and right now, I only feed him puréed foods and formula. He has 6 of his front teeth but none in the back. My boyfriend and I are so nervous about feeding him in fear he’ll choke. We feel as though we should be getting him used to more solid foods, but we don’t know what is safe or what is recommended and if he needs back teeth first or not. My doctor wasn’t much help when I asked about it, he just said wait until he gets teeth, but he didn’t emphasize — looking for some mamas to help us out and point us in the right direction with his feedings.


My daughter didnt even have a nub until 12 months then got 4 in a month…fast forward. Shes 16 months and just popped 2 more through. Her twin brother has a full set. Every kid is different. :woman_shrugging:
Feed that baby. Cut stuff up real small or blend it. I’m telling ya, Mine eats everything

My baby is 9 months with no teeth. She eats everything in sight lol


Look into Baby Led Weaning. Babes dont need teeth to eat. Their gums and tongue and saliva break down food perfectly!

My little girl is 15 months and has only started getting back teeth and molars. Different babies hit milestones at sep stages

My middle son didn’t have any until he was 14 months. Then they all came in :woman_facepalming:t3: Dude could gum like it was his job!

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My daughter is 10 months with 3 front teeth, she eats everything we do. We just make sure it’s small pieces.

There’s a fb group called baby led weaning for beginners and beyond that’s really helpful! It shows you how foods can be served.

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They use their gums if they don’t have teeth Hun x he will be fine! I was lucky, my LG never had problems with food and had nearly all her teeth just after 1. Last back molars are just coming now at nearly two but that’s it

Cheerios, puffs, yogurt bites, tiny pieces of toast or any other food that will get soggy when wet are perfectly safe at this stage!

My son is going to be 1 tomorrow and he only has 4 front top teeth and 2 bottom teeth and he eats just fine. They will grow lol every baby is different. My son loves plain Cheerios and he has never choked on anything.

My daughter is 10mo and she eats almost anything we do and has 0 teeth. Rule of thumb is, if you can mash it between your forefinger and thumb then babies without teeth can eat it.

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My 11 month old eats EVERYTHING

Our grandson has 1 tooth at 1 year old. He eats literally anything. Just give him small pieces

Give him soft foods he can easily mash with his gums. Stuff like mac n cheese, eggs, potatoes, any veggie that isnt too fibrous, cereal, bananas cut into tiny chunks, small pinches of bread etc. Cut them into baby sized pieces. My 9 month old only has 1 tooth and can eat all of the above without a problem. Start slow and work your way up to more.

My 11 month old has 8 teeth none are molars or “back teeth”, and he eats EVERYTHING

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You can give him solids like hotdogs and banana, eggs and potatoes, soft stuff like that just make sure to cut the pieces small enough to gum/ chew.

They say the longer it takes for their teeth to come in the better it means they will be healthy & strong

My kids were like that. Just mushy stuff mashed everything and some baby snacks like puffs that kind of dissolve in your mouth.

If you give things that need chewing it will help the other teeth come through…start with soft whole foods and go from there :grinning: as a parent our biggest fears surround our children but we can’t let our fears hold hem back from life…get advice from professionals if you need to and go for it xxx :grinning: