My 11-month-old still wakes up 3-4 times a night to feed; Advice?

HELP!! My daughter is 11 months old, and I’m so drained from breastfeeding. We still wake up 3-4 times a night, and she won’t go to sleep without a boob in her mouth… She won’t let me move her into her crib either, and I’m just drained I help advice, I’m an FTM, and It’s just her and me as I’m a single mom also


Shes most likely doing it for comfort… theres no reason she should be esting that many times at night… if she really is id suggest talking to her doctor

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They do that. Both my kids dream fed and was on me during sleep regressions.

Try to just peel yourself away and sleep with feet touching. So your still there but not so close to latch on.

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Start her on formula and ceral mixture…it will stay with her longer. You need to start the long hard process of putting her in the crib. It will be painful for you as a mom but it is whats best. Make sure when you switch her to ceral that she eats till she is full. It will help the process.


My daughter is 18 months and still wake up… I usually pull her in bed with me to get some sleep… all I can advise is to feed baby before bed, actual food not milk and hope it sticks longer… eventuality this too will slow down. It’s probably habit now. Internal clock…

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At that age my daughter was on bottles so I would send her to bed with a bottle

My son is 7 1/2 months and hasn’t woke to eat in the middle of the night since he was about 6 weeks old. He drinks formula. Maybe try formula, your breast milk may not be filling her up. You may be lacking something she needs. Best advice is speak to the pediatrician instead of asking on the internet

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Try a bottle or a binkie. You can Try formula or feed her later. will have some good advice for you as a breastfeeding mother. Like how to night wean, when to talk to the dr, etc.

Give her more solid foods to help keep her full at night so that she doesn’t walk up


She’s comfort nursing. My daughter wakes up that many times to nurse during the night, but it’s only for comfort. It’s perfectly normal. Don’t feed her formula!! Try a binky? I know it’s annoying, but she won’t be this little forever. Enjoy those night time bonding cuddles while you can.


Give her the binkie instead.

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Give her oatmeal before bed

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My son was like this still is some nights and he’s 21months what I’ve found out is that if he has a really good meal before bed thn he’ll only have comfort feed once before falling asleep and he stays asleep until sun comes up lol hope you and your baby work it out :heart:


My daughter did this at that age. I wasnt breastfeeding so I cant comment on that but our dr. told us to give her a little bit of water in a bottle instead of formula like she was wanting and to not go in the room when they cry just acknowledge them from the doorway. She was in her own room at the time.

My 2 year still gets up 2-3 times a night sometime more


My toddler just turned 2 and didn’t sleep thru the night until the last couple of weeks…as long as she was nursing she woke up several times a night

Just got through with my son being like this.
I had to start sleep training him and stop feeding him through the night for my own sanity.
I’m also solo parenting right now and he would wake up every 1-2hrs and would cry until he got the tit.

I stopped day feeding, only fed him once at night 20 mins before his bed time which is 7 now.
I did a more gentle approach to crying it out.

It was so hard for me not to give in and feed him, but after many many breakdowns and being so sleep deprived it was affecting me physically I had to do it for us.

After 2 days it’s been amazing. He only wakes up once at night because of a diaper and goes right back to sleep. He even puts himself to sleep now rather than crying non stop for me to hold him.
Thats just what worked for me, I wish I would’ve sleep trained sooner :sleeping:

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With mine I did the more they eat in the day the longer they sleep at night. By 4 months they were sleeping through the night. S good dinner should help.

Honey when it gets to that point, for your own sanity you just need to let her scream herself out, it may be extremely hard for you but mama u need to sleep or it’s going to effect you mentally