My 11 year old came out as bi-sexual: Advice?

My 11-year-old daughter just came to me recently about thinking she is bisexual. She says she likes a girl in her class, and she’s had a crush on boys. I don’t care if she likes boys or girls; I just feel she is too young to need to define what sexual orientation she is. She defines people by them being gay, lesbian, or straight. I try and explain to her they’re all still people. What they choose sexually doesn’t define them. Idk how to deal with this. She only recently turned 11. She watches a lot of stuff on youtube that I don’t approve of, but until I get my own place, she and my son are at their dad’s grandma’s, and they really don’t get involved with what the kids watch on youtube. She watches stories or plays games that define the characters through how they identify sexually. Gacha life if anyone has ever heard of it. I guess I’m just looking for suggestions… thank you.


If you think it doesn’t define a person then why do you care if she thinks she bisexual?


Your daughter didn’t choose her sexuality, just as you didn’t choose yours. Just be there to love and respect her.

The need to seek out stories regarding people’s sexuality is most likely an effort to find a place to be accepted and belong outside of the family.

Just be there to listen, any judgement or disapproval could affect your relationship down the track. At the moment she trusts you, because she shared this with you.


Shes looking your attention spend more time with her


Open honest communication. Let her lead. Just spend time listening to her Answer her questions.

As far as youtube and socal media…you and dad need to be on the same page.

Just be grateful she tells ya things momma… My daughter has always told me everythinggggg… some things were a faze, some werent… but I always let her know its ok…
I do want to say tho… mine thought she was bi when she was 13 bc alot of other girls were experimenting w it.


She’s curious about sexuality which is totally normal at that age maybe she’s hitting puberty, I started at 11 :woman_shrugging:t3:

In all honesty I knew I was bisexual at 7. I had sex with a girl long before a guy. So she could be or she could just feel that way and it could also never lead to anything with a girl too. Just be supportive


I knew I was bi in the fourth grade. Support her and love her no matter what

Let her talk to you whenever she wants without judgement or she will clam up , she’s still very young & maybe a bit confused or lonely?

You need very open honest communication with out judgement. Take it from a mama who’s son showed signs of his sexuality and likes at age 10. He came out to me as gay at 14. Ask questions like why does she think this, kids now a days know more then we realize. Her sexual preference does define who she is as whole.

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My daughter was 15 she has a girlfriend ,I accepted it but I don’t allow hickies and I saw one on her neck I didn’t like that at all no matter boy or girl ,she didn’t like the rules ran away dcfs call false statement ,short story if they respect you and whoever she chooses respects her ,believe me I been thro it she’s almost 17 this is her first relationship and she’s still with her

My 13 year old daughter got in the car last week and told me she had a girlfriend ! I said "Yay, congrats baby ! " :woman_shrugging: I will love my children unconditionally regardless !


I was bi curious since a pretty young age. I feel like it fairly common…? I’m 42. I wish I could have talked to my mom about it. Be greatful your daughter shares.


Same boat. I just read a story about a nonbinary kid being beat up in the school bathroom and it scares tf out of me. Such a tough age… I think they are definitely finding themselves right now and when I was in middle school we were finding ourselves too. Just support her and listen to her because if you don’t she might decide to stop opening up. I never talked to my parents about anything. Ever. 🤷

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My step daughter is the same exact age and watches Gacha Life all the time. She came forward to us a few months back about thinking she wants to be a boy. But all her friends are in this phase where they all think they’re bi, or gay or trans as well so we think it’s nothing more than peer pressure. They all also watch those weird youtube animes. We told her there’s nothing wrong with being a tom girl and not liking girly things which is the whole basis of why she thinks she should be a boy instead. We tell her the most unique and special thing you can possibly be is yourself. If it’s something she still is passionate about as she gets older…we’ll support it. But we have not been asking or overbearing about it and we certainly aren’t pushing any ideas onto her. She just dropped the subject on her own completely. 2 weeks later it was onto a new anime on YouTube and wanting to join the volleyball team with all her little girlfriends. As soon as her friends dropped the topic…so did she.


You don’t deal with it. She is who she is. Accept her support her and thats it. She is at an age where she is going to start liking people and if she likes both genders then she does and all you can do is support her through it


I knew before puberty so sometimes it does happen that early!

My son has said he’s bisexuality hes 12. Could be a phase or he really is coming out…no matter what I show support. He has taught me some of the pan sexual etc stuff…

I’m open with both my children…what ever they wanna do I support.