My 11 year old is failing 5th grade: Advice?

My 11-year-old is failing 5th grade. He doesn’t do well learning on the computer. But in class, he is AMAZING with straight A’s. But on the computer, he cannot remain focused. I don’t know what to do. Is anyone else holding their child back? I don’t want to because he is literally 5ft 7 and about to be 12 years old and he is SUPER SMART. I’m at a loss. COVID sucks.


Get him a tutor… Work with him yourself… Ask another parent whos kid is doing well for the other kids help…

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Make a meeting with his teacher and make a plan ASAP. Check with with your school or district about new services. Our will be offering free tutoring, summer school and much more. But don’t wait.

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Don’t fail him because of a rough year that was out of his control. I’ve been there. It has an emotional toll on them. Makes them feel bad about themselves. They give up. Let him go on to the 6th grade. Let him regain his brilliance. Please don’t ruin your son’s future because he had a hard time adjusting to a difficult situation.

My daughter was struggling just like this. Failed miserably with the computer was a star in class. The school eventually went to a hybrid model where she goes to school two days a week and it’s helped SO MUCH.

My school offered summer school to help the kids who weren’t doing well virtual


Call your school district and see what they suggest as far as in person learning. Computer classes aren’t for everyone

You are not the only parent worried about their child. I feel so much empathy for all parents going through this. I agree with a tutor and/or summer school. Try not to hold him back it really affects a child’s self esteem.

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I was there. I took everything from him until he completed one class assignment. Took all day bc after the assignments he got to fidget with something but he eventually got it done. This isn’t his or your fault don’t fail him. Mine got to play with legos for 5 minutes after each section. Math everything in that category had to be completed. Is there something distracting him? I had to remove our cats out of the room till he was completed for the day. Others suggested tutor. Mention to him you are thinking of getting one. My kid didn’t want anyone in his class to know. He is now in 6th and in person thankfully but if not we would change rules again kinda. He hates staying home. 1 weekend home and his school telling him they are skipping all steps of their policy per his father’s and mine request his grade has gone from f to a b- in two weeks. But we got him a ton of help at the school. Told his teachers how you know to ask questions about him getting it. And most importantly telling them not to address it till after class bc if he is struggling asking for help he struggles with because he doesn’t want his teachers or classmates to think he is stupid. Ask his teacher for help to. Most teachers don’t want to see a child fail.

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Take away all electronic and outside meals till u get a report card that says he has improved. Only one hour screen time if he finishes everything for the day but no phone or video games. Take him outside though for a walk or to use a scooter or something. It takes hard work but it worked for my daughter.


Don’t hold him back! He’ll be behind the rest of school and college! Get him caught up with a tutor or get him in an online school that has been accustomed to online learning and knows how to do it.

He’s 11 stop stressing he has quite few yrs to catch up


Is the school not open where you live here in Texas where we are it is it’s been open for a long time now since like August or September of last year the kids wasn’t doing good when they were out but my grandkids haven’t had no problems going back to school they wear their mask everyday and are doing good they were failing when they were doing online school

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Sucks ur schools not open glad mine is even if it’s only two days

Seek help.
Go to the DR. For some attention meds.
Call the school-communicate with them.
Have punishments for the child when they are not trying- sit beside him when he is doing his work.
It’s hard on all of us right now. Hope you find what works for your son.

Are you helping him? Providing him with discussion on history subjects? A math tutor if you are not proficient in math?

Summer school? I know my son was not doing well while he was homeschooling but now back in school doing better

Find a high school student that does tutoring. I know my kids accept directions about school work better from other people than they do from me!

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Does your state follow the No Child Left Behind ? If schools open back up next year, send him. If not, then maybe tutors or summer school. If he excels in class, he should be able to catch up really quickly.

Try joining some homeschooling pages. I homeschool my daughter and a lot of parents who have to do virtual learning have joined on the homeschooling pages. There’s no judgment, nothing but support and helpful resources. Your not alone in this momma! This is new to everyone no matter what learning/schooling situation you are in. Thankfully a lot of the parents on the homeschool pages have been doing it for a long time so they have tips and support for both you as a parent and your child♥️