My 14 month old doesn't want to eat: Advice?

Why would a 14-month-old does not want to drink bottle milk or eat food anymore ?? She used to eat & take milk fine up until Sunday morning. It was never a problem …she’s not a fussy child…I don’t know what to do.


It’s ok
She will eat when she is hungry! My oldest did this off and on when she was a toddler. The Dr said if is normal to just be sure she drinks a lot

All toddlers have a phase like this. Give her what she wants when she does any food counts

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May have sore throat or ear infection get her checked


My son ate nothing but yoghurt or watermelon for a good 2 months. I dont know how I kept him alive :joy: but mine is constantly going through these phases.


Because Facebook has all the answers

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As long as they have wet diapers. It’s fine. They will eat when hungry. Maybe teeth coming in?


I would go to a Dr to see if there is a medical issue but if none found they would be between growth spurts and just not hungry

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Try leaving foods down for her on the table so she can eat whenever she wants. Also try letting her eat off your plate.

She could be teething too…

Leave a bowl of her favorite snack and bottle/cup of milk/ juice and when she wants it its there.

Just give her pedialyte and whatever unsweet snacks she’ll eat and maybe some flavored Ensure. If she won’t eat or drink anything after couple days,take her to doctor. My toddler did that and she had an air bubble in the thin skin under her tongue. Doc wrapped a suture string around it and it was better next day. Died and fell off within 3-4 days

My little man had hardly anything to eat yesterday & he is 2.5 yrs old :disappointed: The amount of food I offer him is disgusting but then last night he wanted a Pkt of NOONLES :joy::heart: Dont worry they will eat when they are hungry darl x He is the only child I have owned out of 4 of them that does this.

She’s most likely about to hit a growth spurt. Its normal for kids to get picky around that age. And if she’s teething that will make her not want to eat also. If she’s not sick and is happy otherwise just keep offering her foods around the normal times and she will eat when she’s hungry. Next week she’ll probably be eating so much you’ll be like is this normal? Lol

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She won’t starve herself just keep offering.

My kids and grandkids have all done the same thing. The summer is the worst, the heat seems to drain them. Or they get too busy they just don’t realize they’re hungry. Some days they’ll pick and other days they’ll eat us out of house and home… I’ve always said they’ll eat when they’re hungry. And usually after a day, they’re back to normal for a few days.

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Sometimes cutting teeth will make them lose their appetite some teeth makes them have a inward fever as my mother n law used to say.

My daughter 23 months, just went through this stage. I kept her hydrated and gave her a lot of options & often. Some days I would give her pedisure so I knew her tummy was full. Hang in there it gets better!

Go to the pediatrician

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Maybe she isn’t feeling well as long as she is drinking water she will eat and drink milk when she gets hungry enough.