My 14-month-old has started smacking me: Advice?

My 14-month-old has started smacking me hard. She doesn’t do it to her dad, but all day long, she’ll do it to me and pull my hair. I’ve been telling her, no, but she doesn’t understand that. I know she’s still a baby, but I don’t want her to do it to other children; she’s never around other children, but with her only being around me all of the time, I want her to know hitting isn’t okay. I tell her no sternly, and she laughs. Or I try and distract her with a toy, but she just laughs and continues to smack. Any suggestions on how to nip this in the bud? TIA!


Following same issues with my 14 month old son

Put her in her room. Take away her toys. Or a smack on the bum!


Time out baby or not that’s not okay and she thinks it is I would start with time outs my niece use to hit until I smacked her hand back and she didn’t like it she doesn’t do it anymore


Pop her hand tell her no dont do that


Walk away and let her sit a minute without you.

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Give her a tap on the hand or bottom when she does it.


Smack her hand tell her no and put in time out.


They definitely understand no! My daughyer is 16 months now and she’s known the word no for quite awhile, I guess it depends on how much you use it or not .


Oh and also, DAD NEEDS TO STEP UP!!!


Shes not too young for a 1 minute time out. Make an designated area in the house via a chair or a carpet and put her there for a minute. If she gets up put her back until she stays. Then talk to her about why hitting isnt a good choice. Shell get the message.


Hate to say it but do it back and she will stop.


Tell her to no we do not hit , set her down, and walk away from her. Giving her any sort of attention or reaction is making it seem like a game to her. Let her know that that no one wants to be around a person who hits and acts like that. Shame isn’t a bad thing when used in proper fashion.

Pull her hair not hard just enuf for her to know it hurts n isn’t nice she will get the message fast enuf when she realizes it hurts


pop her hand and say no


Why you and not her dad? Does she see her dad hitting? Kids mimick behavior


Walk away. If she’s continuously doing it then you’re obviously too close to her that she’s able to continue. And it’s just a baby thing. Just redirect. Put her down. Walk out of the room. It’ll eventually stop.


She definitely knows what no means my daughter at that age knew what I meant when I said no don’t give her the attention she wants from it tell her we do not hit and if she refuses to stop take away her favorite toy!


Say no the first time. The next time immediately put her down, stop playing, etc and walk away. Stay out of sight, but where you can keep an eye on her, for a couple minutes then come back. Don’t make a big show of it. Any attention, even negative attention, is attention and that is why she’s doing it. Remove your attention and it will stop. This worked for my son’s biting.


Take charge before she’s starts, Warn her before she snacks you that if she does she will be punished and that you are sad/hurt that she does this. When she’s his you, smack her on the hand or bum & close her in her room to think. Then once she has calmed open the door and give her a big hug and tell her that what she does hurts you and that you love her and you want to be happy and have fun together with no hitting.