My 15 month old dislikes her high chair: Advice?

My 15-month-old does not like her high chair. She has sat in it since she was so young, but now she will not eat at it. Or she will eat a bite or two then shove all her food on the floor. I don’t know what to do to help. My husband and I are getting very frustrated.


Can you take the tray off and push her chair up to the table with you guys ?


Take the tray off and push her up to the table.


Get her own little table and chairs and start table training

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Booster seat for table

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I used to feed mine sitting in the floor, she hated the high chair. She sits at a table now because my oldest sits at a table so she has to copy. If she’s not at the table, she’s either in my lap or my husband’s lap.

Put it up to the table

Either a booster seat or a child’s size table.


Booster seat in kitchen chair. She’s ready to be a big girl


I have this problem with my middle child and she is crazy so nothing I say really goes :rofl: but we have one you can lower and we just put it down and leave her food on it and she picks at it … we sit her in first! And a trick I find is to have her food ready and on the highchair before putting her in!

She thinks she’s a big girl.
Get her a small table with chairs and let her sit there.


I had this problem with my son a few months ago so got rid of the highchair and got him his own table and chairs.

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Time for the table. My daughter was about 16 months and started throwing food etc in the high chair and asking to get out after 10 minutes. We started letting her sit at her toddler table instead and she started eating again.

The old high chairs you could take the tray off and scoot them up to the table, try that, she wants to eat with the family not near the family. Also put only a bite or two infront of her at a time.

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My 18 month old has days he likes it and days he doesn’t so we work with him. Also sometimes he just wants to be able to run around and eat on his own terms. My 3 year old did similar when she was that age…

My God son eats at the table with the other kids or he will not eat he stands an sit as long as he eats thats all that matters my youngest was the same way so she sat with us at the table sometime on booster seat others right at table

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We got the tall kids chair from IKEA and my son loved it! He too got frustrated in his high chair

Try just using the booster seat

Don’t sweat the small stuff
Frustrated over a high chair? Relax, momma. This is the easy stuff


Look into the Bumbo Multi Seat. It’s AWESOME! It’s basically a booster seat, but also has a detachable tray… so if reaching the table is still tough, there’s a tray that they can use but still be in a big chair like everyone else!

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