My 15-month-old is purposely banging his head: Advice?

My Son is 15 months old, but he keeps purposely banging his head? And sometimes he hits it hard to the point a bruise or bump comes up instantly but he doesn’t cry it don’t seem to hurt him, so he goes back and does it again I don’t know what to do I’m scared in case he damages himself how can you stop a baby from banging there head?? I’ve tried telling him no, I’ve tried staying by his side constantly to the point I take him to the toilet with me, but he still manages to do… do you think I should take him doctors to see if he has anything wrong with him? He’s a normal, boisterous little boy very energetic on point with all milestones but it’s just this banging his head thing that has me worried… xx


It’s a developmental stage, I’ve seen most littles do this at one point or another. I’d double check with your pediatrician if you’re concerned, though.

Does he have any words ? Sometimes they lash out that way because they are having a hard time communicating

I had a friend who’s son did this. Her doctor told her to walk out of the room and not to acknowledge it.
Every time they do it. Walk out of the room and leave them alone until they quit. It worked for her son almost immediately.

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Visit the pediatrician. It may be from tooth or ear pain - causing his head to hurt. He may be trying to relieve the pressure.

My 11 year old did this when he was younger i voiced my concerns to his pediatrician and he said it’s a sensory thing. No need to be to worried he will grow out of it and will only head bang until it hurts. He lived with a small bruise in the middle of his forehead for about 2 years. He’s fine. The Dr also said the more you say stop or no the more he will do it as well. No need to worry mommas they will outgrow. It’s more common than people think.

Yes take him you…i the doctor and have hin checked.

I would take him in and try Tylenol when he does this could be a headache
They also have helmets for babies

my oldest did it. do NOT pay any attention to it. they want attention because they cannot express themselves thru words yet. they need to learn that is not the way to get it. she’s 8 years old now and just fine

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My daughter did this till she was 3. Whenever she got mad. Dr said it was just a stage that they will grow out of.

They will grow out of it. I always thought it was really dangerous I think every child goes through that phase. When my child was doing that, the doctor said I know it’s scary but just dont give him any attention or he will keep doing it and unless hes crying and bleeding or looks seriously hurt than theres nothing to worry about. My son still does it every once in a while but he grew up just fine. So you dont have to take my advice but that’s what I know…

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My son used to do it all the the time! It was like a nervous tick, our pediatrician said one day he will do it too hard and hurt himself and he will stop. Well that happened and he stopped doing that immediately. It’s been like 8 years so those may not have been her exact words. I think it’s how he expressed himself. He will grow out of it.

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Its a phase. If you are that worried you can get cute little soft helmets for babies. I never did it with mine but here is a picture for reference

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My daughter used to do the same thing when she was about 15 months. Lol We would correct her or tell her no and she would take off running screaming and crying and go into the kitchen and bang her head on the fridge repeatedly! She grew out of it quick though lmao

Bottle that squirts water , squirt them every time they do it :+1::+1::+1: doesn’t work use shock collar


My son did this ALL THE TIME when he was teething. Pediatrician said it’s normal when they are in pain

My youngest daughter did that also. Her father encouraged her to do it and would laugh when she did… He had her thinking it was funny so she would do it trying to make people laugh. Finally I got her to realize that it WASN’T funny AND she realized that sometimes it would hurt so she stopped.

U as hes mother should always take trip to the pedi if u are concerned…

They make these soft helmets for this stage, lots of kids go through it.

I agree with what everyone is saying. I taught my little one sign language to help her communicate better. Maybe try that too?