My 15-month-old won't stop rocking: Advice?

Need some advice have any mommas gone through this before…my 15 month old just doesnt stop rocking…in his high chair he rocks himself only from his chest up he also does this in his play pen he didnt do it before but now just doesnt stop…I’m at wits end any recommendations o how I can get him to stop…TIA


go to a public health nurse, get a pediatrician, and/or early childhood development center. sooner is better. Seek informativni before trying to get him to stop…he might be self regulating/stimming


Don’t won’t to alarm you but I would go talk to his pediatrician about it. I heard this could be a sign of Autism if done to the point that he won’t stop & it’s constant.


Why does it bother you so much? Maybe it’s just relaxing to him? My 16 month old LOVES to rock himself! He even used to do it in his jumper when he was a baby!


I feel like this was posted yesterday. But this is developmentally appropriate, it’s usually a self soothing act and you shouldnt need to deter them. If you are concerned, ask your pediatrician however it generally is very common


My husband is 27 and still does it. His parents told me they had to stop the car one time they thought they had a flat tire, but no it was him rocking in the back seat :woman_facepalming:t2:. But he has amazing rhythm! :joy:

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My daughter did it ALLLLL the time. She is now 27 lol. They said she just liked being rocked.

It’s probably just a comfort thing. Why does it bother you so much? :blush:

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It’s a self soothing technique. Is this your only concern? If not, may want to take him to the doc

This is the same post I saw yesterday. So I guess I’ll say it again. The kid isnt even 2 yet. Its self soothing. If ur upset he rocks, maybe look at WHY it makes u upset. It’s not an issue. He isnt hurting himself.or others. Let it be. All the children I’ve delt with rock at so.e point…doesnt always mean something. Talk to ur doctor if u feel you need to…but getting upset over it is a bit of an overreaction in my opinion


My oldest son did it all the time. It’s how he soothed/entertained himself. Even now at 8 he will rock back and fourth when he is nervous, tired, etc. Some kids just have a lot of energy.

Sounds like a steming thing. My autistic boy started spinning at 18 months and he will be 4 next mo th and doesnt do it as much as we have a door way swing that helps. Like others say if it bothers you get it checked out… A lot of people do things and not realize it.

My twins did the same thing. Dr said it was soothing

Hello i have a form of autism called aspergers its a high functioning form. I have always rocked myself since i was little to sooth myself or i even do it without realizing im doing it. You could talk to your peditrician about it and he could help you out better


Hes self soothing, it’s not necessarily bad. That’s why rocking chairs were invented!

There is nothing wrong with self rocking and if it is a sign of autism wut of it there is nothing wrong with that either

My son and daughter do it all the time, it’s just them self soothing.

I would have him evaluated by a doctor. It could be a sign of a developmental delay or just a way that he self soothes, but it is better to catch it early if it is a problem.


Self soothing I did it they will outgrow it

I’m 31 years old and I still do it in my sleep. I am not autistic. It’s a soothing mechanism. I used to do it intentionally to put myself to sleep but now I do it unconsciously.

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