My 15-year-old blocked his father on facebook: What do I do?

So yesterday I took my boys down to spend there a weekend with there other siblings and their father was supposed to be there. Well come to find out there father refuses to come out because he can’t bring his girlfriend with him. And the only reason she can’t come with him is cuz he pays more attention to his new girlfriend then he does the kids. So the other kid’s mom doesn’t want her there while he is visiting the kids, and I agree with her… But anyways, the kid’s father texted me yesterday asking why our oldest blocked him on Facebook. I told him I didn’t know he blocked him. So should i have a talk with my son or just let him be? He is 15.


Talk to him as a friend, make sure he is ok. 15 is a delicate time if rejected by father


Let him be he is old enough to make his own choices.

This isn’t a problem for you to fix. Your child’s father needs to repair his relationship with his kid.


Honestly if the father shows his gf more attention than his own kid than it’s the father’s issue


I would talk with him just to hear him out and see how he’s doing and that you care. I think he’s old enough to make that decision


Talk to him about why he blocked him. But do not make him unblock his father.


Let him be. Sounds like your son has every right to block him. Maybe you should have a chat with him. Just to see if he’s alright. I mean that sounds like he’s upset. Hang in there


He’s old enough to decide.

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Talk to him and ask why but don’t force him to unblock.


Let him talk how he feel Bout his father…its not your job to tell his father for him since hes old euoght to tell himself to his father unfortunately he had right to block him if he dosent want do nothing with him for only " good reason "

Sounds like you need to have a talk with your son as to why he blocked him. He doesn’t necessarily need to be friends with his father on Facebook, but I would want to know the reasons behind the blocking and discuss it calmly to see if it’s something that can be resolved.

Talk to him. Abandonment is a strong feeling that needs to be addressed.


I did the same years ago. Let him be

I feel he’s old enough to decide this for himself. His dad didn’t put in the time therefore it’s his fault your son feels like that. Your sons feelings are his alone and I wouldn’t force him to make an effort with a father who doesn’t put forth an effort to begin with.


He made his choice like his father. Hes old enouph to decide who he wants in his life.


Talk to him just to be there and get an understanding as to why but he’s old enough to make his own choices regarding that… So let him keep him blocked but just try to find out why

He is saying if he is blocking me in life I’m blocking him too

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Let it be. He has his reasons. Give him time

He chose his girl over his kids I would have blocked his ass too