My 16-month-old does not eat: Advice?

My son is 16 months old and DOES NOT eat! & he is still very attached to his bottle. He drinks regular milk in his bottle, and that’s all he ever wants. I’ve tried feeding him many many different things to eat; he just doesn’t want food. Not baby food or food I’m eating at the time. I’ve tried taking away the bottle, but that resulted in him literally getting ZERO calories. I have talked to his doctor, and he is not concerned due to his weight being normal for his age. But this mama is worried! I’m worried he’s not getting his proper nutrition. I’ve also tried the toddler nutritional drinks that are specific for picky eaters, but he literally gags drinking it. Anyone who has gone through this that can offer advice is greatly appreciated!


He doesn’t have the poops?
My son went thru a small phase like this, always wanting milk, not food, he ended up with diarrhea a few times.

Mine did that and dr told me 2 oz of milk every 4 to 6 hours and he wold get hungary-he was very fat and I thought just give him his bottle-his iron got so low-he look great-he fills up on milk and wants no food

There are like milk substitutes like protein shakes for kids. Also is he having regular bowel movements? My son stopped eating when he was constipated


Try a regular premiere protein shake. 30g protein, 1g sugar. With his meals. 1st put chocolate syrup in his reg milk so he won’t see a difference. Then when you put the shake in the bottle you can pretend to be putting syrup.

My son went through this when he was having cancer treatments at 18 months old. We did pedisure in his bottle to help with the nutrition gap


Is it possible your son has a texture issue. My son had a tongue tie and they warned me even though it was revised there was a chance he would still have issues with foods.

Try smoothies with fruit and veggies in it my pediatrician told me to start limiting the milk he will get hungry and eat but only give him the bottle after he’s eaten some food not before because he gets full from it

Sounds like a.phase but time to ditch that bottle and dont look back… when hes hungry enough he will eat


Cut down on milk and when hes hungry hell eat

I watered down the baby food and put that into her bottle. She loved it and was eating in no time

I suggest asking for a referral to a nutritionist/dietician and also asking for a referral to speech therapy to make sure there aren’t any tongue ties or other issues

Sharon Nelson Marshall

Mines like this right now. Hardly eats anything. I buy the v8 juices and smoothies to make sure he gets his nutrients. He loves the v8 strawberry and banana smoothie juice.

Have you tried just presenting tons of snacks? Baby cereal Poof’s? Soft fruit? Maybe wet his lips with those pedisure drinks? Smoothies? Let him help prepare the fruit or food? I let my son use a plastic knife to cut his bananas and he loved them after.

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Just keep trying mama , it takes time and his tummy is only as big as his little fist , he’ll try when he is ready. Just keep offering;)

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I’d make an appointment with an occupational therapist. He should be feeding himself foods at this age.

If you want him to eat food and are still concerned after seeing his dr. Take the bottle completely away.

No advice for the no eating but definitely get your baby on some vitamin supplements. Iron and folic acid can be bought in drops so he doesn’t have to have a huge drink and many other vitamins can alsobe bought in drops or try mulgaton or Scott’s emulsion.

No bottle till he eats and he should be drinking from cup