My 16-year-old is suffering with mental health issues: What can I do?

Sorry for the length of this status. They are just so much to say. My daughter left school in June and is meant to be in college.because of her mental health; she has not attended not even once to try it out as she is simply too scared to go. She’s been told by doctors that she suffers from depression and anxiety. She has seen one friend since July and been out two times with that friend.I’ve tried to get her to go to see somebody (counselor/ therapist), but she claims she has nothing to say or ‘what’s the point’ or when she says she will her anxiety stops her last minute. She won’t even go to the shops a 5-minute walk away from a house. It is now frustrating her and getting her annoyed and upset that she’s not living her life when she knows her friends are enjoying life after school going to festivals/ party’s and simply enjoying life. You have to stay in education until she is 18. I know that is the law. I have had my child Benefit stopped because she’s not at college that got stopped three days after the first day of college started for everyone. I’m a single parent and struggling. I spoke to the college and said it’s her mental health; it’s not me stopping her from going to college. She’s a bright girl. She never missed a day of school. I’m not doing this to be difficult and break the law but when your child is gipping over the toilet seat crying her eyes out with pure fear because she’s got to go to college what can you do however the college did not care… and told her just to come in. She wants to carry on her education but feels physically sick at the fact all the colleges, even small colleges, are in the center of town. I know about medication in the new year. She’s thinking about going some, but she is more the person to try and do it naturally, meaning going to the gym drinking healthy meditation, etc. she feels like you shouldn’t have to take medication to be happy and force a smile. She knows it’s okay not to be okay. She understands her mental health, but she is at breaking point and doesn’t want it to be like this anymore; she is wasting the best years of her life. Does anybody know who I speak to about her education? Do I ring somebody from the government or I don’t know someone who sorts further education: post 16/levels out in Leeds I’m clueless I am genuinely clueless about who to ring just to speak about my situation without been judge n see what she can do? Are they anyways she can do levels online or are they no other ways to do it? If anyone could help I would really appreciate that. If anyone can help advise on how she can start to feel better and if anybody knows what to do about her education and any advice on going on medication at her age, I would really appreciate it. She just wants a reason to get up every morning. She left school six months ago and hasn’t done anything since. She gets dressed once a week, not even that I just want her to be happy again and have a reason to live and get up every day. Thank you


So sad to hear about ur daughter…but don’t give up on her. I think its best to see a doctor that can describe het anti-depressants. It helps…Talk to her…its not the end of the world. Better days are coming…God bless💚

First pray and go to a doctor or a clinic in your area. You have to be strong to help her.

Sounds like a stage she going thru like i wonder if a boyfriend broke up with her

Does sound like something happened. She’s afraid of something? :heart:to you both. Tell her to hang on and she’ll see nothing is worth hiding from. But also, can she take a semester off? Why not?

I don’t understand y she is in college at 16. America doesn’t work that way. But she is extremely depressed and has huge anxiety. I was never quite that bad but I when I do get down I’m on extreme dosage. Natural routines clearly aren’t working and sometimes you do need a little boost to get you right again. Generally something happened to make her crash like this. Meds aren’t magically happy pills but they do help you get there. Most take a month to see change. Some are 2 weeks. I recommend meds!

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She clearly is suffering a serious depression. Please get her to a psychiatrist and counselor as soon as possible. Remind he depression Is more than being sad and not smiling. It’s an illness, and illnesses require medication to regulate the symptoms. I hope she accepts the help. Medications for mental illness have come a long way. Also want please get her a thorough exam with bloodwork. There could be something else going on to exacerbate these symptoms. Sending your daughter and you positive thoughts.


She needs to be seen by a professional and get some help… maybe some medications or just talking and working on techniques when she is having an anxiety attack but to continue to allow her to hide away is not going to help the problem, it’s going to cause the problem to get worse! Please seek help and make her go.

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Her medical dr can put on medications that may help her? And she may not have to be on for long term that would be first suggestion n let her know others have had medication few months n things can and do get resolved ,pray for the best way n hope o can get some hell

If that was my child I would definitely put her in the psych ward where they can start to help her.

Maybe she can do school online they have high school and college online. That maybe best for her.


Sorry to hear of your daughters sickness. I have depression and anxiety, i had to get antidepressants, i even forced myself to go talk to someone. There is no harm in getting help. I always felt like a big baby whenever I reached out for help, but its ok.


See if she can work with a service dog, which can make huge changes. Service animals can make it possible for her to go to counseling, get out in teh world even if just to give her dog some time in the sun.

My 16 year old has social anxiety and depression. She has been stabilized with medication thankfully has a part time job and doing great in school as a junior in High school. Her teachers and guidance counselor and school psychologist are awesome. Yes it is sad that medication is needed but if it helps her get out of her fog and doldrums so be it. I’ve heard that CBD helps as well but can be expensive. Get her to doctor for referral to therapist… most local county health services have sliding scale fees if uninsured. Get her on medicaid… a lot of colleges have online programs that she could take at home. If you have library card she could take freebie intro courses to figure out what sparks her interest… I would recommend her to see doc as if she is clinically diagnosed with depression anxiety bipolar through state employment office /Department of Labor she may qualify for Access VR which will pay tuition to tech program such as nursing assistant or medical assisting. You can DM me letting me know where u live and I’ll try to send u link. But yes for any services she needs physician documentation of diagnosis on mental health spectrum.

I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I have been diagnosed with both of them. I thought I could do it the natural way and not take any medication for it and trust me it didn’t work. The first thing I would do is get her in to see a doctor and see if they can prescribe her something to help her out. Just be there for her to talk to she needs someone to listen to her and feel like she is not being judge. People think that you are lazy because you don’t want to do anything or go anywhere and that is not the reason whatsoever. If she needs someone to talk to that is going the same thing she is going through I would be more than happy to talk to her. Just encourage her to try to get up and go out and do something even if it is as small as just going outside the house and sitting outside for a little while. I really hope things get better for her I know exactly what she is going through. Also see if she can enroll in college and do online courses from the house I know most colleges have most of their classes where they can be done online. That way she can still continue her education as well as get her anxiety and depression under control. Good luck to the both of you.

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Check out online colleges… Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are real… I have them all too

If this was my child I would get professional help for myself to learn how to help her. You don’t need kitchen psychologists. Your child sounds like something happened to her and being gripped with fear. My prayers are with you and her. being a teenager is not easy on a child or a mother dealing with a teenager.

I’m sorry you’re going through this but I had something similar happened to me last year. Have her go to the doctor and get on an antidepressant medication. And then maybe you going with her to see a therapist cuz they they do hope believe it or not. And I hope things work out well for you if they did for my daughter

I’m sorry mom that you are seeing your daughter suffer and feel hopeless…there are times all she may need is an ear with no advice…just silence to gather her thoughts. With Mental health is about feeling so out of place, feeling with no internal compass is guiding them…like if every decision they make would be the wrong one. She may feel she is letting herself down because she doesn’t have all her ducks in a row like everyone else…she is overwhelmed with…life…and everything in it…just be patient…she appears to me atleast that she recognizes her pain and wants to get better…means she can!!:+1::heart_eyes:she may feel your anxiety about wanting her to move on with her life…your intentions are pure…she needs to just slow down a bit…breath…take yoga…meditate…have quiet times…no TV, no phone…just read a book with classical music playing on the background…write journals…even goals for everyday…begin with one goal accomplish that…until more can be added…with college speak with the school counselors…she may be able to attend less classes at school and some at home for a bit…baby steps…diet,exercise trying new hobbies to distract the mind of overthinking…post its of positive affirmations…saying them out loud! her by being calm yourself…tell her you believe in her…let her go on her pace…her mind is going 100 miles per hour adding do this and that will send her on overdrive…good luck to you and your princess!!:heart::heart:don’t forget she loves her mama and doesn’t want to let you down…so just be mom…let her lead…give it time…she will prevail.

Brace yourself pick up strength where needed cause it can get worse! Honestly forget education for a moment and concentrate on her mental health get a diagnosis and go from there there’s no simple way of fixing this is not fixable it took me me years to accept that fact. And I know exactly what you’re going through and what you mean. I have seen young adults end up in mental homes straight from university and for a lot of them that is it there’s no going back. So if you can’t make her go see a doctor try to get someone to come see her before is too late your daughter needs help and you’re her only advocate schools have a lot of resources you just have to fir her rights