My 17-month-old is clingy: What can I do?

My youngest child is 17 months old and is EXTREMELY clingy. I only work part-time, so she gets plenty of time with me. I’m not sure where it comes from. The biggest problems that result from this are the lack of attention for my five-year-old and staying in her crib all night. When I set her down, she will cling to my leg and continue to throw herself at me, interfering with any activity I try to do with my son. As far as sleeping, she’ll go to sleep in her room, but halfway through the night, she wakes up and wants to come in the bed with me. In both scenarios, she doesn’t just cry, she goes into full panic mode, and she becomes hysterical. And please don’t say cry it out. Believe me; we’ve tried. It doesn’t work for her. Not even a little bit. After over an hour, she was still going strong.


Clearly trying to tell you something, be patient till you figure it out

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Be the mother your child needs. Stop complaining and just be there for your child. That’s so much more than you realize.


Get a referral to a child therapist. My daughters my stalker so i get it. But this sounds like a bigger problem then normal not getting time w you or something. Needs more reassurance or theres a lack of a secure attachment.

Give her what she needs… As hard as it is, That is where she will find her security. Punishing a child by letting them cry it out only makes them insecure and creates anexity. She will grow out of it.


Pray over her. Hold ur child send love.Ask the archangels to help assist your family. Make sure the kids are eatin fresh fruits and vegetables. Get them tired before bed like play outdoors or at a beach. Selenite and orgone pyramids to raise the frequency in case any lower entities are messing around trying to feed off their energy.Drinking water. Play solfeggio9 frequencies in the background daily and during sleep. And grounding.Hope this helps!

She 17 months hun that a what they do trust me she won’t be hanging on to your leg for life !!


It sounds like she has separation anxiety period I will go to your pediatrician and ask her what can be done but it’s going to take time and patience and to get her over it good luck


My 16 year old is clingy!

That’s kinda normal, but if it’s weird for your child, look into it. You are momma, you are safe. See what’s wrong, even if it’s just to go cuddle more.

Try wrapping a small pillow in a Tshirt that you have been wearing & leave that in her bed with her.
May or may not help .
In some cultures it seems it is the norm for children to share their parents bed till school age or more

Go to the doctors… get her ears checked, make sure shes not teething, has gastro problems. In the meantime get a dim night light and put your shirt you wore that day on a teddy or something that soothes her. Kids that young have no ways of verbalizing anything. Make sure your 5 year old isnt watching anything during the day that can give her night terrors, and during the day make special time for her. Put your 5 year old on quiet time, reading, coloring, whatever and sit with the little one and engage her with one of your every day activities. Cooking (place her in highchair give her plastic ladels to play with) folding laundry (let her play with the pile of socks). This also may be a stretch but make sure the older one isn’t hurting her bc of the lack of attention they’re not getting from you

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Have you taken her to the pediatrician?

Be fair to both kids. Your 5 yr old need attention as well. explain to her that there’s enough attention to go around even if she doesn’t quite understand it yet. Such as “we’re going to read a book, and when I’m done it’s your sibling time. And when that’s done we’re both going to do blah blah blah”…
Children get anxiety when they don’t know what comes next. Try that…
‘_____ is what we’re going to do now. _____is what we’re going to do after, ____and then we’re going to do this together’. Spell it out first then do it they need to know A…B…C.

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I went back to work when my son was about 20 months. He cried almost the entire time I was gone! Drove my ex-husband and daughter (she was about 9 at the time), crazy. When I was home, regardless if I was in the same room with him or not, he played well, as long as he could HEAR my voice. He would “find” me, see me, he was fine! We all played with him, the park, outside playing, didn’t matter how much or what we did, as long as I was there. This lasted if not a year, it lasted a little over a year! He started CLINGING to my daughter after that, if I wasn’t around. He eventually grew out of it. I personally couldn’t stop working, made the ex and I feel like crap ALL the time. Like we were bad parents or something. Pediatrician couldn’t give us any “good advice”. So we did the best we could. I figured some children just need more of different things from us. My conclusion, some are clingy, some are more independent. Hope this helps :pray:

My daughter’s 2 youngest were extremely clingy and grew out of it.

Its rough when kids do this. I had the same issue with a couple of mine and the same thing didnt work for both of them. I talked to their dr and they were thoroughly checked for hearing issues and stuff and thank god they were healthy. With one i took “us time” for a bit every day. It was a time where the child had 100% of my time and attention. With the other one they slept with one of my tshirts and that worked for sleep but still needed 1 on 1 time during the day. My advice is talk to the childs dr and see what they recommend

My daughter did this. She grew out of after she turned 2yrs. Also she was around a lot more kids. I think that helped the most.

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Please love this little one, the way they need it, and embrace it. Dependent littles, become independent adults. I carried my first on my hip til she was 2, and my last til she was 3. I rocked each to sleep til almost 4 yrs old. All are INDEPENDENT, college graduates, successfully living life.


Hold them both in one bed until they fall asleep and then move them to their beds. Then you go to your bed. They will develop a trust. They will grow out of that stage and soon sleep in their own beds. Something is making them anxious. You holding them before they fall asleep will get rid of that anxiety.