My 17-year-old daughter is an abusive relationship: Please help!

My 17-year-old daughter recently came out of a physical and mentally abusive relationship with an 18-year-old. I was at work one day, and his parents sent him to get her and all of her things because they were depressed being apart. I called the police, and they told me with her being 17 she’s considered an adult and can leave, thank you state of Texas for that wonderful law, not. Ok, so moving forward, nothing I could do. Since I had to go get her, she’s been to the doctor and put on antidepressants and going to start seeing a counselor over the abuse. I can’t get her to see that his mom and family are no good at all. She still communicates with them, and they are two-faced badly. I feel like we can’t protect my daughter cops won’t help anyone will. What do I do? I feel like she will leave again.


Let her figure it out for herself one day she’ll learn that they’re two Faced

Sometimes the only way to let her c is by her getting hurt.

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If she leaves again all you can do is pray that she will eventually wake up,keep loving her just pray that she is safe.


Nothing…since they said she’s an adult then obviously do as she wants. At this point she has to live and learn.

I know you care, but if that’s a legit law, I’d say try not to be too controlling. I know you’re scared. Poor mama, I feel for you. The one of many things that drove me away from my parents is their need to control me. Sometimes, as hard as it is, kids need to learn for themselves.

Minority opinion :

Let her go if she’s going. The harder you fight her, the harder she’s going to resist you, And maybe she won’t speak with you anymore. Until she’s ready to be treated better there’s nothing you can do. Expect keep the lines of communication open. Otherwise she’s going to shut you out pretty fast.
Just let her know you’ll be there no matter what, no matter how many times because you truly love her.
One day she will leave and discover her worth.


Been there done that. She will learn. The more you push the more she will resent sounds harsh but just be there when she ask for help and don’t scold her about not listening

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Be her safe place to come home to when she is ready


I’d probably let her figure it out for herself in all honesty. She’s gonna go against you if you try to keep her away from him. Keep your relationship tight with your daughter but don’t suffocate her at the same time. Maybe taking your family on a vacation will give her time to think about everything. Just a thought! Best of luck mama :heart:

Some people have to learn the hard way. Let her go. She will learn. If u push she will run

You can’t help her until she wants to be helped unfortunately. She hopefully will see that they are no good eventually but for now there not much to do. Just be there as much as you can’t for her and counseling does help tremendously if she’s willing to go to it and work on it

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Move to a state with different laws. Then get her into some support groups and counseling. Also press charges against them if the other state laws will allow.


Take her to talk to survivors of domestic abuse. Let people who have been in her situation try to talk some sense into her. If you force it she has the chance to push away and to them

If it was me I would have a damn good serous talk with her . Then I will make sure they know we’re I come from the family and don’t mess with me and my kids even if it is my daughter. So they know you ain’t playing and her too …

Well you could go on a long vacation. Montana is beautiful in the winter…and remote.

Most teenagers won’t listen to their parents no matter what you do. Just make sure you’re there for her when she does come to the realization that he’s abusive and finally leaves.

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I’d just try to be there for her until she sees the truth :frowning: that having been said, this is serious, it’s estimated that 3 women in the us per day are killed by an intimate partner. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as “live and learn” as some are saying, we aren’t talking about a little thing. That number is just the women who are murdered…it doesn’t even count women who are left disfigured, disabled, in permanent pain, women who’s children are killed, etc. This could end badly, it does every day.


Honestly, if they consider her an adult (the state law) then unfortunately there isn’t anything you can do. She just has to learn this tough lesson for herself. The most important thing right now is that you be there for her and she knows you’re always here when she needs you. You can offer her advice, but being a teenager I’m sure she won’t follow it, but she will hear it and remember it.

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Unfortunately it’s one of them things that she will have to find out her self. They are getting into her head. But one day something will click in her head, you have just got to make sure you there with open arms when she does