My 18 month old barely eats: Advice?

My 18 month old barely eats. Maybe some yogurt, about a handful of goldfish, or a belvita biscuit cookie. Just snacks. He turns his nose up at what I cook or feeds it to the dog. I’m worried sick, and I guess I just need to hear if other moms have gone through this, and it’s just a phase.


It’s just a phase, always remember if they get hungry they’ll eat

Kiddos tend to slow down for a bit at this age due to a growth spurt ending

My son is 8 and still just grazes for the most part. I stress weather he is getting what he needs, but he is healthy as can be. He is a very picky eater and that does not help…but usually once a week or so he will have a day that he eats tons and even huge meals…then goes back to just grazing on a few snacks that he likes :woman_shrugging: he has been like this since he was 2 and is growing just fine and is very very active and plays sports


Could be a phase or teething… trust me they will eat when hungry… sometimes I think my 5 year old survives off of one chicken nugget a week :woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging::roll_eyes::grimacing::rofl:


Kids are super picky lol I would start making smoothies and see if they are a go. They taste good and you can hide veggies in with the fruit! Great for them!

Probably just a phase. I’ve been going through it with my lo for a few months now, he changes up what he’s willing to eat, currently it’s cheese and applesauce. I sneak in a pediasure a few times a week just to ease my mind

Probably just a phase. As a mom with two boys with high functioning autism I do know that they are and always have been extremely picky eaters. They will starve before they eat something they don’t like. It’s a sensory issue for them. Just my two cents. But definitely can be and probably is just a stage! Some kids won’t just eventually eat, there are underlying issues that you may not know. So if that is the only thing he will eat then I suggest letting him eat the limited food while still trying to introducing new foods.

So normal… he’ll eat when he’s hungry he won’t starve himself don’t worry mana

My 4 yr old does this too. Everything I’ve read online and with doctor, this is normal. When she gets hungry, and eats the better foods, we all just do the happy dance. Right now its goldfish, cheese crackers and peanut butter. Good luck.

My daughter is 2. She does the same thing. Her doctor said it was just a phase that most children go through. When she’s hungry she will eat. If you’re really concerned, I’d reach out to your child’s pediatrician.

My son will be 3 in July and still hasn’t taken an interest in meals. He eats breakfast well but other meals, he will turn his nose up and just want to snack. I could make him his favorite meal for lunch or dinner and he still won’t sit down and eat. Some kids are like that.

My daughter will be 2 in May and she has been then same way since she was around 14 months old. She pretty much survives off of macaroni and cheese, soy milk, and cheese. There are days when she hardly eats anything at all. It stinks but I’m right there with you!

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My daughter did this! I felt so good when she ate. Don’t worry though soon your son will be saying he’s hungry every 30 minutes :upside_down_face:

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Currently going through this with my 18 month old. Mac and cheese, pudding, apple sauce, goldfish. Basically snacks food not so much

It’s a phase, you could try tiring him during the day… like have more play time, outside time, stuff like that so it makes him hungry. Or you could also get him the little gummies at Walmart I believe that help them like have more of an appetite. I use those with my baby only when I notice him not eating much. Other than that I don’t give it to him. When he was smaller we had to give him pediasures. On win the morning, one at the afternoon. By the second day he’d be eating at every food morning afternoon and night. And just like the gummies I’d only give him some the most 3 days straight. You should see a change by the second day. If by the 3rd day he’s still the same, it could be something else and you might wanna check up with his dr.

Probably a phase :blue_heart: my 16 month old is going through this and his peds recommended Enfagrow, it’s a toddler formula so he still gets everything he needs since he won’t eat.

My 5 year old never eats. She would go days just snacking, refusing meals. Doctor said it’s fine, nothing to worry about unless they are loosing weight.

My little man has the opposite problem, he eats everything!! I started him with smoothies adding banana, blue berries & strawberries then packing it with spinach and kale hehe. The fruit flavor helped. I would also feed him & cheer it on, for example, “YUMMY CHICKEN!!!” Or “YUMMY SUSHI!!”Once he would eat it, I would clap and tell him good job. He would be so happy and clap too. Once he finished everything or almost everything, I would reward him with a cup of half apple juice & half water. I kept doing this for a while & now I don’t cheer it on as much, since he eats it on his own but I do tell him good job baby.

My son is 2 and a half and he went through this phase just after he turned two. I was so worried about it, but eventually he started eating everything without me changing his eating routine. Sometimes they go through a little phase, but for the most part they bounce back and start eating again!! Stay strong it will be okay mama!!

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