My 18 year old daughter wants her boyfriend to stay over: Advice?

My daughter is 18 and wants her boyfriend to stay over. I’m a little nervous, to tell the truth as I had a baby at 18 and I’m trying to protect her, she’s with him six months and I’m the worst in the world and to overprotective I don’t know what to do any advice


Is she paying room and board?


I moved out with my boyfriend at 17.
She is an adult and if you don’t at least compromise it could push her away or like myself move out altogether
Our job as parents is to hopefully have set them up to make good choices

Have them Sleep in separate rooms perhaps? but you know they will probably sneak in together…are they already having sex? I’m sure that’s what your worried about.

Ugh no. Trust me. Sleeping in separate rooms won’t matter. :rofl:


First of all have you talk to her about birth control ? I hope so

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Your house ur rules. But if she is paying bills including rent she has rights. If not then u Tell her no and if she doesn’t like it then they can stay elsewhere.


Nah, she’s going to need to figure it out like the rest of us did. We wouldn’t have even bothered to ask that question.


I think the bigger question is have you had all the appropriate talks with her in regards to birth control and really taking time to get to know someone. I dont think he should be able to spend the night till she has a job and place of her own. You have to pay to play!!!


She may be 18, but it’s your house. If you aren’t comfortable with the boyfriend staying over then tell her that.


She’s on birth control and asking to sleep with her boyfriend in your house…? Are you OK with that? How is this a discussion question


Yes he can stay in the guest room, why not

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tell her ass that she can do that shit when she has her own place, paying her own bills. She needs to respect your rules - whether she having sex or not or that you had a baby young. You don’t want it happening there, then say that. And tell her ass NO


Absolutely not. They are not married


U need someone on here to tell you what’s right from wrong?.. what u need to do is turn in your mom badge … and pick up the “soon to be grandma “ one… duh :roll_eyes:


Ummm, they aren’t married so the answer would be NO…If she feels like because she is 18 then that makes her grown so it should be ok, well she should have her own place and paying for it because that is what grown people do…Pay for your own roof that way you can do alllllll the grown people stuff you want…


It’s a no from me lol


Talk to your Daughter about contraceptive and birth control, and don’t bother making them sleep in separate rooms, that won’t work, it will only create a rift between you and your daughter.


Nah. You have to have your own place to shack up like that. If nothing else boundaries for yourself.


My dad allowed my bf of 2 yrs to stay over once after I turned 18. I was also paying rent & my own bills & he slept on the couch with my Great Dane watching his every move :joy::joy::joy: he didn’t even get up to go to the bathroom lmao