My 18 year old daughter wants her boyfriend to stay over: Advice?

Don’t start giving permission for something you are not ready for.


I would ensure you have an open and direct conversation about contraception, if you haven’t already. There is a chance they’re already having sex, so sexual health talks should be high on the priority. Then honestly, at 18 yes I would allow my child’s partner to spend the night, if the partners parents were also okay with the situation. I’d rather my son and his gf at my home, safe, then running around trying to hide, or lie.

Yes. It’s better than her having sex in a car or who knows where. Make sure if they are sexually active they use protection. She’s an adult and doesn’t need your permission. If she was living on her own this wouldn’t even be a question.


I would definitely recommend that you give it another thought!!! In my opinion I would say the day you want your boyfriend to be in your life permanently is the day you have your own place. Lol but I would say “No Way”

Talk to her. Explain your fears and why they exist. Tell her about your experiences… help her understand your point of view.


Um she’s 18? Tf :rofl::rofl::rofl::woman_facepalming:t2: The more u are strict the more she does behind ur back


Talk to her about birth control, make sure they have condoms. At least that is the trust i want to give both my son and daughter. Always be there

I think it is wonderful that she feels your relationship is one that she is comfortable asking and not going somewhere unknown to stay the night with him in “secret”.

Do you feel that you have raised her to know how to navigate her relationship with her boyfriend? Do you trust her judgment? Are you comfortable with her boyfriend?

Its important to set ground rules that you are comfortable with.

If your gut is telling you no. Then no is the answer.

Just talk to her, I am sure you can come to a mutual answer.


My worst nightmare :scream::scream::scream:

All my ex partner’s who stayed at my parents house, slept in a seperate room to me. My parents said the only time they will sleep with you under our roof is if I was married to whichever partner it was at the time

I cant imagine my Moms reaction if I had asked such a thing at 18.

She’s technically an adult so you have one of 2 choices… have a chat with her and allow her to have her bf over for sleep overs and it all works out fine or tell her no and she decides she needs space to grow and moves out…


Make a decision together…


Doesn’t matter if she’s legally an adult. It’s your house I still would never have the nerve to ask my mom if my boyfriend can spend the night. It’s disrespectful in my opinion.

Why he cant stay home


Get her an IUD. Don’t let her, be the boss, be strong.

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If you’re that concerned. Talk to her n get her birth control.

I had My oldest at 18 as well and I totally understand not wanting her to follow in this a steps and being protective.
Personally, by 18 I would have my daughter on birth control (iud or implant)
And as far as boys go.
She can have her boyfriend over until 1130 but he has to go home.
Over nights start when she lives on her own.
I know it’s hard mama
Stay strong!!

I say no I have 3 sons that are adults now and it is a respect for you and your home. My sons never had their girlfriends spend the night I was a single mom and I never had men at the house yes I dated but I made a promise to my sons to never have a man in the house as it was their house as well and they respected me enough to not have their girlfriends spend the night either. I would have conversation with her about your feelings and worries and keep communication open dont just say no let her know your thoughts and listen to hers as well.

I take it you’re not in Lockdown like us then?