My 18 year old daughter wants her boyfriend to stay over: Advice?

It’s your house. Say no if you want to. Yup get that girl protection.


Just speak to her about protection, it’ll happen if they want it to. You can’t control that but you can make sure you give her the best advice x


If your daughter has been honest and come to you about this instead of it happening some where else says she understands this is a big deal


Shes 18. At least she is asking. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Heck NO she wants to act like she grown then she can MOVE whatever happened to respect your damn parent’ and their home don’t pay even the paper that wipes your ass but want to open your legs like you grown :joy::joy:


Why can’t he go home? I say absolutely not. Dating is one thing, spending the night is another.


Wow so many people saying no :rofl::roll_eyes: my daughter’s 17 on the pill and uses protection , her and her bf have regular sleepovers whether its at his house or ours , she’s not stupid and knows the repercussions of what can happen , just because you had a kid at 18 doesn’t mean she will, i had my oldest at 16 and I’m damn sure my daughter won’t go down that path as I’ve been honest and open about life from the start

Tell her if she’s old enough to have her boyfriend over, she’s old enough to move out and get her own place.


Make sure shes on birth control

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You can always say no but, you can’t protect her from anything. She’s 18 and makes her own decisions. She’s just gonna go elsewhere and have sex.


Ur house ur rules. If u dnt feel comfortable then dnt allow it. But if shes asking for him 2 stay more than likely they are already having sex, just make sure she is on birth control


It’s a no for me .He can stay the night after he gets his own place and marries her.They’re not guaranteed to be together forever and letting him stay the night will open a can of worms.I know because my mom used to let my bfs stay the night lol

Stay the night… :joy::joy:

Nope. No staying over. 6 months, 1 year, they have to get their own place. I will never make my daughter that comfortable.
My parents had strict rules!

My daughter still lives at home. She’s 22. The answer will always be hell to the NO.

Sleep them in separate rooms if they respect that then that’s cool I mean she did ask after 6 months it should be sweet

If she’s going to “ do it” if that’s what your worried about she’s going to “ do it “ somewhere else , let him stay , in the lounge room or another bedroom , don’t think she will make the choices as you trust her , talk to her and him , I’m 60 and my parents allowed my boyfriend to stay we’ve been married 40 yrs and didn’t have to get married my parents trusted us it worked ! Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Good on her for being honest enough to ask you, you must have a great mother/daughter relationship! She’s 18 and I’d much prefer my teenager to be safe under my roof, than in the back of a car etc! Whether you allow it or not, they’ll find other ways! Have a chat about forms of birth control etc and appreciate the fact that she has been honest with you…not all teenagers are!!

If she doesn’t contribute financially in any way, your rules, your house. I’d look at the maturity aspect of it more than anything. Not even the whole sex thing. My thoughts would be: Do they work or are they college students that show if things happen, they’ll be more prepared for the future if a baby does come along and potentially responsible people? What kind of person is he, do you like him and is he nice to her? I might ask her if she’s on birth control even though it may not be any of my business, just to see where things are at. Otherwise, if she contributes financially, she’s a roommate and can make her own choices for the most part and she most definitely should ask since your are the “owner” of the home.

I was at 18 as well , good bad or ugly, we all do it our way, so blessing or not they probably have/will anyway. The thing is it’s your place and you can say yes no there, up to you