My 19-month-old hates food: Advice?

My daughter is 19 months old. She would hate food if you were to ask me what her favorite food was. I cannot give you an answer because she does not have one. She is in the 50th percentile for her weight and 90th for her height. Just recently, I was getting her to eat very well with the distraction of an iPad or a game on the iPad and me feeding her…That did not last long. She is now refusing me to feed her and does not want to feed herself. I set her down at the table with her plate of food, and sometimes she eats nothing and sits there and cries the whole time. Sometime she’ll pick what she wants, maybe strawberries, or perhaps a few blueberries. Nothing significant. I am not the type of mom to sit there and say I need to bring her to feeding therapy or to the doctor because she doesn’t like eating. I see that she is a kid and kids are difficult. I’m just wondering if anybody has any tips to try to help her to want to eat. If there any other moms out there going through the same struggles that I’m going through of having a kid who just does not care to eat any food. It is seriously frustrating, and I get upset with myself because of how frustrated I’m getting because she doesn’t want to eat. I will appreciate any and all advice! Thank you


I went through this . This is a power struggle . Make some finger food and put it on a plate where she can get to it . Then dont say a word . Cut back on her milk and juice …way back . Shell eat . And dont say a thing . Dont look at the plate . You dont care . Trust shell eat


Make eating fun. Find fun recipes let her help make them and make things into fun shapes. You can hide vegetables and fruits ect in “desserts” as well. At that age they’re taste buds are changing their minds are changing.

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Just keep offering food. She will eat when hungry. All my children and grandchildren went through this.

Are you putting too much food on her plate? Maybe a tiny plate with 3 blue berries and if she eats that maybe a 1/2 strawberry. Sometimes kids just get overwhelmed by the choices. Whatever you do don’t give in and start feeding her junk food to get her to eat.

On my 4th 6-yr-old…
All I can tell you is get some pedia-sure and wait it out. For jags are common at any stage because kids are different. Just find a shake flavor she likes and a multivitamin for small kids. And be patient.

“I am not the type of mom to sit there and say I need to bring her to feeding therapy or to the doctor because she doesn’t like eating.” “50th percentile for weight?” “Cries the whole time?” Something is going on with her and yeah IMO you DO need to take her to have her checked out. There may be something medically wrong that she won’t eat.


Give her a bottle of instant breakfast.


My tip is be a damn parent and take her to a pediatrician! There may be something wrong and hurting her and that’s why she’s not eating. If it is just a power struggle then make something she’s eaten before and tell her she absolutely gets nothing else till she eats it. Period. She’ll eat. And if she doesn’t you know something is truly medically wrong and quite frankly you’re not being a good parent by not getting her checked out.

You could hide important food like meat and veggies under the fruits that she enjoys… Or put a little apple sauce on top off the important foods… She needs protein and veggies too… Very important… Veggies in fruit smoothies as well…


She will eat when she’s hungry…don’t try to make her way at any special time just let her know food is there…a power struggle you don’t need


I had this issue with my son, she may not be ready for solid foods, but you can still feed her jar food, what I did, I mixed fruit jar and a protein and/or veg and mixed them together so she couldn’t taste the icky stuff. You may also try very soft runny fried eggs, my son liked those. But, I would definately take her to the pediatrician, so its well documented, and they can help you tremendously. Also, be sure to keep her on a regular feeding schedule, and try not to give her too many liquids about an hour before feeding. Don’t ever hesitate to take your daughter to the pediatrician…its for her health…I hope this helps

No Dr’s needed…be strong…that’s what’s wrong with kids today…they don’t need a Dr. …just a strong parent


All of mine went through a period where they wouldn’t eat. Like one has said, cut back on milk and juices. When she gets hungry she will eat. If not then try pediasure. Does she try to get your food when you eat? Maybe have her pick out foods she wants when shopping?


Simply leave food around her. If she gets hungry enough, she will eat something.


I went thru this with my kids when they were little and their pediatrician told me " as long as they’re staying hydrated don’t stress over it, eventually they will get hungry and they’ll eat " he was right everytime.

When my oldest was young, she went through a period where she didn’t want to eat. I tried many different foods and finally I got her to eat yogurt. So that’s what she got until she decided she would try something else. She was fine and turned out to be the best eater out of 3 children. Just try different things like you’re doing and she will eventually eat. Good luck and remember “you got this”! :heart:

Could she have an issue with swallowing food? My neighbours child had this and needed a doctors attention. I would say make sure it’s not a medical issue first.

The more pressure and stress u push off om her the less shell eat
She already has control over u. Kids eat when they are hungry. Give her food, set it down and ignore her. She will realize she doesnt have power over u bc you dont care and she will eat. Kids often do this when they feel they have no control in their life. They will start not eating or over eating or even start wetting their pants or refuse to poop.


Make food fun and let her help with the age appropriate parts. I know finger food. Are big plus with kids It sounds as though. She might be bored. With eating so you got to Make it fun. Cuz when she She does eat. Don’t fuss too much about it. Just tell her that’s wonderful. Would you like some more I know my son did not like If we made a fuss