My 19-month-old is still content in her crib: Should I switch her to a toddler bed?

My 19 month old still seems content in her crib. She’s never tried to climb out, when we lay her down, if she’s not ready for bed, she plays with her stuffies in the crib and entertains herself. I know this because I can see her on the camera. My question is, do we need to take her out and put her in a toddler bed if she’s content with the crib still?

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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Keep her in the crib!

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No leave her in the crib as long as possible. Especially if she’s content. If she’s in a toddler bed she can get out of bed whenever she wants and that’s a whole new problem lol


I’d leave her in the crib as long as she’s okay! My 20 month old slept in her crib until a few weeks ago when she decided to just start climbing out. That’s whenever we moved her to a toddler bed. Things changed literally in one night

She’ll let you know when she’s ready…

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Why move her if content is leave it till she tries clombing out also toddler beds r much easier to get out of you’ll.knlw when.she rwdfy shell let u know


My daughter is 26 months and still sleeps in her cot/crib one of my friends child still sleeps in his cot/crib and he’s 3 years old

Just make sure she is still within the limits to use it ! Most cribs have limits on them

I’d switch over. The toddler bed is an essential step. Best to teach her now about staying in her bed than later.
And I’d be more worried about suffocation since shes getting bigger. A bed with walls can trap a stuffie/blanket up against the face (suffocation was my only big momma fear)
We switched my monkey child at 1yr. He was climbing out with absolute ease so it was definitely time.

My son didn’t go into his toddler bed until he was almost 3. I asked the doctor about it because my daughters all started to climb out at 1. She said it was probably a comfort thing. That his crib was his safe place and not to take him out until he started trying to climb out.


No. My son turned 3 in April and still uses his crib and will for awhile.

Keep her in. My son didn’t climb out at all, left in till just after he turned 2 then he went straight to a single bed.

I switched my oldest around that age and it was the biggest pain in the ass but she’s never been a good sleeper. My second I put in a bed right around 1 and never ever had any issues with her. I plan to put my third in a toddler bed in the next couple months when he turns 1 as well but I guess I’m the oddball here. It’s kinda like they have less opinions when they’re younger so it’s easier? If that makes sense 🤷 you can always just do a test run

My daughter was almost 4 and it was an exciting transition! We made a huge ordeal that she was a big girl. I’ve never had issues with her sleeping and staying in her own bed since!

I was in a hurry with my first and took him out of the crib and into a twin bed around 18m old. My next son was into everything so I left him in the crib until he started climbing, close to 3yo. My daughter requested a big girl bed at 2 so she went into a twin canopy bed. It’s rlly up to you and your child, you know them best :slight_smile:

My daughter was 3 when we converted it into her toddler bed. And 5 when we moved her to a twin. She never tried to climb out, but felt like a big girl and proud when we switched her to her toddler bed. It worked out for us.

Don’t rock the boat in my opinion x


Not unless she grew out of it or is climbing out of it :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t move my kids until they were 2.5. They were still within the limits of the crib and they weren’t trying to climb out or anything.

It doesn’t make it any harder to switch to a regular bed or toddler bed just because you wait a few more months.

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