My 2 1/2 year old will not stop nursing: Advice?

I am a first-time mom! She is now 2 1/2 and is still nursing! I want to stop, but if I don’t let her, she won’t take naps or go to bed on time… It is really frustrating because she is constantly asking for “CHI CHI” filling me up like a 12 yrs boy touching his first boob!! Always reaching in my shirt and trying to twist my nipples!!! I try birth control to dry me up and it about did, but then I start having problems breaking out and cramps… Advice to moms that successfully ween their child off nursing… maybe some ideas that can help me help her to stop. It is getting weird to me and feeling trapped when she is latched…


If you want to stop, just stop. Remove the titty.

Ive seen alot of women say they put lemon juice or other non harmful but bad tasting things on their nipples & it makes the child not want to do it anymore


Maybe try switching to pumping. So she can latch to a nipple and taste the milk to get her to sleep

Obvious who is in control. Just cut her off dry yourself up… She won’t starve to death.


Eish. I’m planning on doing the same. She’s 21 months n I want mine to stop when she’s 24 months. I can do with advise as well.

You are the adult. Tell her no. Eventually she’ll leave you alone


I started cutting out one feeding at a time (my daughter was about the same age and wouldn’t eat solids because she just wanted to nurse). Don’t do the ones at sleep times at first. Start off with the one you think will be the easiest. After a 3-5 days, when she is used to that, cut another. Save the ones for sleeping times for the last. I saved her middle of the night one for the very last because that’s the one she wanted most. But when it was the only one, it only took a few days for my milk to dry up. She woke up one night and I nursed her and she gave me the stink eye. Never woke up asking for it again. :laughing:

It was much easier with my second. He weaned himself (I wasn’t ready).


You need to stop that now that 2 year old should have already been followed broke and in the potty training. You need to stop it or it’s only going to get worse


Perhaps you should check to see if you have a son


Just stop,she will eventually learn. Lay her down for naps and bedtime. If she gets up put her back. If she throws a tantrum walk away and ignore her.


They’ll end when they’re ready I’m sorry my youngest is nearly 3 and my middle son breastfed for 3 and a half years

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Nursing isn’t just a food source, it’s also comfort. I nursed my daughter til 3, when she self weaned. It’s HARD but please don’t just cut her off cold turkey. Slowly take away sessions or even just lessen the session times. Set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes and tell her “all done” after that time.

You also can’t quit cold turkey or you could develop clogged ducts/ mastitis.


I’ve seen moms put bandaids on their nipples.

Definitely start telling her “no” firmly when she just reaches in your shirt though. Not mean, just teaching boundaries and that it’s not okay to touch without permission. Maybe teach that there are certain times for certain things and she can’t just have what she wants anytime she wants it. Teach her “this is mommy’s body”.


All these mom’s saying it’s natural to have a 3 year old hanging off your chest are the same ones that if they saw a 3 year old with a bottle hanging out of their mouth would criticize. Once a kid, yes kid can ask for food and use a spoon they no longer need a tit. That’s why they have teeth. Breast isn’t always best ! Jeez


Firrst, it’s great that you’ve been able to keep breastfeeding her but, I get how it could be one taxing witha 2.5 year old. My daughter is 2.5 and stopped at 20 months basically but had gotten down to only nights. Do it slow. Only at night. Pump otherwise. Then keep substituting as much as you can. Her schedule will change fir a bit doing it but itll be worth it for you.

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I let my child self wean. I completely understand how miserable it gets at that point. He was 2yrs 8 months when he was finally done. However I did refuse him to nurse any times other then nap, bed, or sick. We started weaning at 2yr. But that was the year flu was really bad and he got it THREE times. So I kept giving him his “Nonie” back to help him heal.

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I literally told my 19 month old no more boobie. It sucks the first few days but ya gotta put your foot down and let her know


My 2 year old self weaned, thank god. I never thought he was going to. I dont have alot of advice other than just not offering them to her