My 2 and a hald year old has separation anxiety: Advice?

I think my two and a half-year-old daughter is dealing with separation anxiety, and I have no idea what to do to help her other than not leaving her. She’s been going to my mom’s and sleeping over since she was about eight months, but now she’ll wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes 2 or 3 times, and scream mommy and hit and scream for sometimes 20 minutes to an hour. She’s always had night terrors, but they pretty much stopped at home and continue every week at my mom’s. During the day at my mom’s, she’s mostly ok, but she still does act out.


Mother I encourage you to pray and I am going to pray separation is part of elevation she’s growing and she’s learning each day our children should learn some form of Independence even at her age this is a moment to pray that tonight God will give her a sweet sleep that the Angels encamped around her will have a realm of peace as she sleeps tonight mother I pray for you that God would touch your heart to pray for your daughter that would ever is trying to attack her in her sleep that no weapon formed against her shall prosper is she is kept protected and loved and that tonight when she sleeps does she will have a peaceful rest praying through the process it’s growth for you and her… pray together at her bedside trust God …ask God believe !!God God bless you…#amotherslove


Make sure nobody has hurt her or scared her


Mom, my daughter had same situation. I started playing peek a boo. A minute more every week, slow & gradual move.

Has anyone else been at your mom’s at the same time would be where I’d start


Does this happen at ur house

Ask her is it because she misses seeing your face or because she doesn’t have your voice. And if so those are easily solve problems give her a picture to carry with her so she can always look at you and if she needs to hear your voice there plenty of stuff animals with the recordable voice box is in them.also ask her if she’s nervous all the time when you leave and what would help her feel better about that. Children at that age don’t actually really know what’s going on in the world so you have to remember it’s not like she’s programmed to understand what is happening to her like my sister always tells her daughter’s I will pick you up before the sun goes down from wherever they are and they know that or their grandmother will so no matter what they know that as a sun is going that by the end of the day they’re going to see their mom no matter what and go to bed with her and be at her house no matter what or Grandma. They make little games out of her being gone and when she comes back she always just sits with them for like 20 minutes and talks to them about their day and plays with whatever it gives them food and they know all good things come from Mom and they always show her their stuff at the end of the day from school have people do art projects with her so she has something to show you even 2 year olds enjoy that. There are lots of kids I am an auntie of 26 children and I have seen a lot. My sister’s kids are 3 4 and 11. Separation anxiety sucks just something you got to work through and create positive distraction so she is feeling like she’s doing all this stuff and then she’ll see Mommy.

Mom got evil energy at her house listen to ya kids lol

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Take her to her peds doc

Ask your mom if other people come over. Or you can put a nanny cam on your kid. Talk to her doctor about it. There could be underlying abuse that you don’t know about


Make a photo album she can keep with her at night. Maybe buy a stuffed animal that has a recording of you saying “I love you” or some other comforting phrase. Take time with your mom to explain to your daughter exactly what’s to come. “First, you and grandma are going to watch a movie. Then, you’ll go to sleep at grandma’s house. Next, you’ll eat breakfast with grandma. Then, mommy will be here to pick you up.” This sort of thing, along with some sort of visual “schedule” has helped so much in my years as a daycare teacher. It helps to know what to expect and when. Kids of all ages go through separation anxiety. It’ll pass. Until then, stay strong.

I would start asking questions.

Children need to have structure and rules to feel safe. Maybe grandma’s isn’t the place for her to be spending the night for a while. It can just be that there is too much freedom at grandma’s.
So many people looking for something evil, but it’s a natural instinct to feel safer as a child when someone is in charge other than the child. It doesn’t mean grandma is doing anything wrong necessarily.

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How about spending a few nights at your mum’s too?See how’s she’s acting during night…if she wakes and screams even with you there you know it’s most likely night terrors.You might be able to spot a difference in her routine there? My son wakes a lot and cries if he’s had a daytime nap for example.It might stop for no reason too.As a mother you obviously know who your child’s safe with so abuse would be the very very last avenue I’d suggest… hope it resolves soon xx

Think don’t sound normal… she screams In the middle of the night for you?
Something isn’t okay.


Night terrors are normal at this age I had them up to 8 yo but if it’s true separation anxiety not leaving her will make it worse tell gma to do time outs for the hitting and inappropriate acting out and also comfort her more when she’s being good you can’t really fix separation anxiety someone else has to help her cope with that

My 2yo son has night terrors and major separation anxiety.
I was a stay at home mom for 18 months only working saturdays and when I wasn’t working I was with him 24/7. He was timid around strangers, would scream if I was on the other side of a door than him and god forbid if I even tried to have him sleep anywhere but with me.
Now he’s 26 months, sleeps in his own bed and talks to everyone. It took me being pretty firm with him and forcing him to go to family. When he gets too clingy to me I pass him off to dad, aunt or grandpa. Getting him to sleep on his own was a whole different monster. He’d wake up every couple of minutes screaming mommy. Come running into our room projectile vomiting and completely hysterical. It’s normal but means he probably has sleep association issues. My son was held almost all day as a baby and by 8mo he wanted to be wherever I was which meant in bed with me too. I realized I got the best sleep with him in bed and so did he. Once he got to be a bed hog I said enough and battled with him again with sleeping on his own. I set up nanny cams, let him pick out his own bed sheets and night light. He eat dinner, bathes, we read some stories, he drinks his cup of warm milk and then it’s bed time. It’s been a couple months of him in his own bed and he still tries to get me to cave but I stayed firm and it’s worked. Don’t let your child cry more than a couple of minutes, go in lay her down and don’t say anything. Just comfort and go. Helps when they have something with your smell with them. Like a teddy bear with a shirt you wore a lot on it.
Sorry for a totally long all over the place comment but if you can benefit seeing you’re not the only one


How often is she there? Without you? Sounds like a lot. She may just miss her mom. After a few hours my 2 year will cry for me. We dont do overnighters but she will wake up in her room and yell for me.

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Why is she spending the night at your moms? Keep her home is shes scared.


Is it necessary for her to be at your mom’s ?