My 2-month-old cries all night long: Please help!

We have a 2 months old babyboy, he’s a very cute boy and he smiles a lot. But bedtime is a hel. I’m mentally on the edge of depression. He cries and cries. We tried everything and I’m sick of being awake the entire night. My husband works double shifts so we can give our boy everything, so I don’t want him to help, he needs his sleep. Can you give me advice?


I went through it with my 3rd. She had reflux.

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Could baby possibly have colic?

Please have him checked for reflux


How much is he sleeping during the day? Maybe try to limit his sleep during the day so he will sleep longer at night.

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Does he sleep during the day? If so keep him awake as much as possible! Also try a sound machine and swaddling :slightly_smiling_face:

Ours had awful awful reflux and the day dreamer was the only way she’d sleep. And extra food and gas drops. Sound machine on low helped and still helps so so much too

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Yep sound machine a nice warm bath and baby massage and wrap him up see how that goes

Hi there!
My first born was like that until he was nearly 6mos old.
I feel you.
I don’t have any advice, but to let him cry it out.
it will be a passing phase…
Hopefully not a long one like my kid🤯
Hang in there mama!
I know it’s hard.

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They have infant melintonin it help them sleep. Give 30 min before bed time

Sounds like colic. My son was colicky from a month to 6 months old

Maybe colic, try good warm bath, good rub down of the lavender/chamomile bedtime lotion, good feeding, burp really good, lay him on his side swaddled, with soothing music, I have 3 children and even helped with my first that had colic super super bad

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Try to get up early and let him only get one nap then night time give him warm bath lotion warm milk and melintomin

They have a device that you attach to the underside of a baby bed it has the motion of a moving car I have heard some insurances will cover it

Try co sleeping. I did with both my kids but I’m a very light sleeper. And we all slept great! Only problem is they still sleep with me.


My son was colicy also, but it ended when he was 2 months old.

My boy was the same. We changed his formula to soy and he slept through the night. Consult his pediatrician

throw it away& start over🤷🏻‍♀️


You need help. Don’t be scared to ask a friend or family member… if your BD works alot like mine did I get it. And also talk to your Dr about depression mine lasted with the first kid a yr… and the second year and half

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Maybe colic turn the vacuum on