My 2-month-old daughter will not stay asleep: Advice?

My two-month-old daughter will not sleep by herself and honestly hardly sleeps at all unless it’s in the truck. We have tried everything from propping her up to laying her flat to playing music to sitting with her for hours, keeping her calm, and letting her cry it out. Nothing helps. It’s to the point we have to put her in our full-size bed to get any sleep, and there is hardly enough room. We are getting dangerously sleep-deprived. This has been going on since the second week we brought her home. I will fall asleep standing; my husband falls asleep at work. It’s causing us to fight and be irritable. She is fine, she’s not gassy or anything. She will fall asleep in my arms, and as soon as I lay her down, she screams and won’t stop, but if I pick her up, she immediately falls back asleep. It’s a never-ending battle. I know newborns are like this, but this is a little too much. Something has to give. (I apologize if I’m not making any sense I’ve literally had no sleep in weeks) So, what do I do? I feel like I’ve tried everything. Please… Help me…


Have you tried swaddling her?


I’m not nor have I ever been a fan of kids sleeping in parent’s bed. That would be an absolute LAST resort. I agree with trying to swaddle her. It seems as if you’ve tried quite a bit already. I hope it gets better. :disappointed:

Have her ears checked

Wrap her in swaddle style, try a rocking cradle that rocks on its own I used for my daughter, it keeps the child from being spoiled, make sure the milk is not the problem. It can be gas or you need a Dr. to make sure it isn’t an internal issue.

Have you thought about a chiropractor? My mom used to take us in as babies when we got like that. Maybe something is a bit out of whack

Maybe putting her in a baby carrier during the day so you can still get stuff done. I had my son in one when he was a baby, he would cry unless I, nobody else :upside_down_face:, held him.

Try to swaddle her it’s a comfort some babies need

Get a small weighted teddy to lie on the babys tummy :slight_smile:

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Keep her swaddled and maybe try putting one of your worn shirts around her!!!


Swaddle her or try a baby swing my grandson was like that he grew out of it at 3 months old

Try laying her on her tummy. As long as there are no obstructing objects/blankets in her bed. That’s the only way my almost 3 month old will stay asleep when I lay her down. Just make sure she isn’t face down. She will sleep on her own now for hours in her bassinet. None of my other babies did this and she is my 3rd but first to primarily let sleep like this.

Try a swing or rocking bassinet

Get a nested bean zen sack! Our daughter was the same way it was getting out of control. We got one of those and she was sleeping through the night! Good luck and don’t forget to ask for help! :heart:

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I may be untraditional, but I always slept with my children. I always slept well as did they. It’s human nature to want to be close to another human. Eventually they moved on and slept on their own. I have three very independent strong teenagers/young adults.
No one person can tell another how to do it or what will work. But whatever you find to work for you whether it’s traditional or not is your choice.
My theory was I needed to sleep and so did they. That’s just what worked for us.

Weighted blanket? We use the homemade rice weight to put beside my granddaughter she likes it up against her sleeping

Get the house warm, give her a warm bath. Rub her body in warmed oil/lotion. Clothes should even be warmed in dryer. And feed last feeding. All this should be done as late as possible. I usually did my baby after nine. And my child slept straight through to at least 5 a.m. I was also old school I add a little cereal to the milk to make it thick and able to give her that full feeling. Worked like a charm.

Try recording your heart beat and let her listen to it


She sounds like my granddaughter who had acid reflux. Take her to the doctor, and if he says no, ask for a trial. The doctor told my son no easy, but that’s what it was.

Is she getting enough to eat. We just let ours cry and eventually they learn