My 2-month-old refuses to sleep on his back: Is that okay?

My baby is almost two months old and he absolutely refuses to sleep on his back… he freaks out EVERY time I lay him on his back and the only way he’ll sleep is on his stomach… I’ve tried being patient with him but I haven’t gotten any sleep because Ive been so worried about him sleeping on his stomach but that is literally the only way he will stay asleep for more than 5 minutes… has anyone else had this problem?? Any advice on what I should do?


They have things on amazing to prevent rolling
Swaddling tightly also helps a TON

We had the same problem

I’m sure there will be people that disagree with me, but personally my 2 kids slept a million times better as babies when they were on their stomachs. Just make sure there’s no blankets that they can wiggle under so they can breathe properly.


Maybe try a weighted baby swaddle

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Swaddling helps. My kids were all tummy sleepers too. But swaddling helps keep them on their back and still calm.

3 of my 4 would only belly sleep. I put them on their belly in the bassinet beside my bed then in their crib. My 4th coslept for 2 yrs.

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If he can roll on his own otherwise they sleep very hard and unfortunately is dangerous


As soon as my son learned to roll over, he was the same way. His pediatrician said that as long as he knows how to turn his head, he should be fine - just put him on his back, and if he rolls over, don’t stress too much. Just keep everything out of his bed, and make sure the sheets are tightly fitted to the mattress.

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As long as they can lift their head I think it’s OK :blush: and maybe the baby has acid reflux that’s why doesn’t like being on his back xx

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Yes. We went through this. We just let him sleep how he wanted…

My youngest would only sleep on his tummy…

They sleep better on their stomachs. I put a wedge under the mattress so they be at slight angle. And made sure nothing around the head. Blankets and stuffed toys. Only a beanie hat if it was cold…plus on their stomachs it helps with head shape. Lot of kids out there now a days with flat heads in the back.


Let him sleep on his stomach. My 7 week old does. Same thing with her. Only way she’ll sleep besides being held

Buy a babocush cushion

I had the same issue when babysitting. I would let her fall asleep on her tummy, then I would slowly adjust her to her side and eventually her back. After a couple of weeks she would sleep completely on her back

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I think if he likes to sleep on his back then let him! He’s probably more comfortable and it will be easier on the both of you. Just make sure there aren’t any blankets or anything he could get wrapped up in and I’m sure he will be fine! My girl slept on her belly from the time she was 2 months until now… sleeps so much better that way!!!

My son always slept on his stomach, refused to sleep on his back or sides. So that’s how he slept. And he is 12 now.

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Mind did that she had horrible acid reflex. The day dreamer saved us 

My first baby I was terrified to let him sleep on his tummy so I spent 2 years with no sleep making him sleep on his back…so stupid…My second wanted to sleep on his tummy and had great head control from birth. I just relaxed n let him do it and he slept sooooo much better.

My first slept better on her stomach, so I let her, I also co-slept with her. She’s almost 6 now, your little will be alright.